You Can Now Buy This Cult-Favorite Skincare Brand at Ulta



There are many things a child of the '90s remembers about television in their teens, namely The OC, Grey's Anatomy, MTV actually playing music videos, and Proactiv infomercials. The latter was a blessing in any hormonal youth's life (though Seth Cohen didn't hurt, either). Before Proactiv, no acne treatment regimen had nearly as much praise or press, and the results were clear (pun intended) on the screen: Proactiv really works. So says a slew of celebrity endorsers like Julianne Hough, Jessica Simpson, and Adam Levine, too.

Today, it's still one of the best-selling skincare brands out there. What started as a triple threat of skin-clearing cleanser, toner, and moisturizer has now morphed into a full-fledged line of spot treatments, masks, pads, and more to rid you of your skin woes. But according to WWD, instead of having to purchase Proactive products from your television, computer, or a vending machine (yes, Proactiv vending machines exist), you can now get them at Ulta. The online store is also selling Proactiv's sister brand, X Out, which is marketed toward teens (but works for all ages).

Check out our favorite Proactiv products below!

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