7 Acne-Fighting Tips You Haven’t Heard

When it comes to topics of discussion, acne is like the Kardashian family of the skincare world—it’s by no means new news, yet people never seem to grow tired of talking about it. So chances are high that you’ve heard your fair share of acne-fighting tips. Some of them may have worked (might we recommend one of these expert-approved DIY treatments?), and some of them might not have (your skin is a fickle thing, after all). In the spirit of celebrating the unknown (aka, the decidedly un-Kardashianesque), we asked three skin experts to share a few acne-fighting tips that aren’t as commonly known as, say, putting toothpaste on a zit (which we wouldn’t recommend, by the way—you’ll find out why ahead). From yellow condiments to blue lights, keep scrolling to see them all!