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To help you take your dry skin from parched to dewy, we have all the advice you need: from the best face moisturizer for dry skin, expert-approved dry-skin remedies, or even the best, most hydrating makeup for dry skin.
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After Years of Breakouts, I'm Embracing "Acne Neutrality"

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How to Stop a Zit From Forming, According to Dermatologists

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Can Sea Salt Help Treat Acne? We Investigate

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Why Acne May Be Harder To Identify In Skin Of Color, According to An Expert

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Isolaz: Everything to Know About This Painless Acne Treatment

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How to Treat Vaginal Acne

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Safflower Oil Is the Most Powerful Acne Fighter You've Never Heard Of

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7 Ways to Prevent and Heal Workout-Related Breakouts

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iS Clinical Cleansing Complex Is Made for Breakout-Prone Skin

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Understanding the Connection Between IUDs and Acne

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This "Acne Consultation Program" Is More Effective Than Any Facial I've Tried

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Nodular Acne Is Difficult to Treat—Here's Why

How to Treat Acne When You Have Dry Skin

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How to Get Rid of a Painful Ear Breakout

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QQ: Why Do I Have Acne on My Legs?

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This $10 Green-Tinted Moisturizer Saved My Post-Accutane Skin

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CBD Oil For Acne: Everything You Need to Know

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A Dermatologist-Approved Skincare Routine for Adult Acne

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The Dermatologist's Guide to Treating Menopausal Acne

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12 Powerful Drugstore Vitamin C Serums That Won't Break The Bank

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6 Easy Steps to Evening Your Skin Texture

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I Tried Curology to See if Its Ingredients Live up to the Hype

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Acne on Your Arms: Everything You Need to Know

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Ultrasonic Skin Scrubbers: Everything You Need to Know

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Your Guide to Every Single Type of Acne

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My Honest Review of Sunday Riley’s UFO Ultra Clarifying Oil

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Here's the Truth About Using Baking Soda as a DIY Acne Treatment

This Sticky Bee Byproduct Can Help Reverse Acne Scarring (and It's Not Honey)

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If Your Breakouts Occur Below the Surface, It Could Be Subclinical Acne

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This Is Why You're Getting Breakouts in Your Armpit

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The Truth About Using Egg Whites to Treat Acne Breakouts

What to Know Before Taking Cephalexin for Acne

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How to Know If You're Dealing With Comedonal Acne

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What I've Learned From Taking Accutane—For the Second Time

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Does Chocolate Actually Make You Break Out? We Investigate

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Everything You Need to Know About Pore Vacuums

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5 Tips for Treating and Preventing Maskne, According to a K-Beauty Expert

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PSA: Think Twice Before Using Lemon Juice as an Acne Spot Treatment

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OK So, That Spot on Your Skin Might Not Be a Pimple

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This Acne Treatment Helped Clear My Maskne Overnight

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People Are Using This Diaper Cream on Their Breakouts—but Does It Work?

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How to Get Rid of and Prevent a Pimple Inside Your Nose Because Yes, That Happens

How to Tell if Your Acne Is Actually Rosacea

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8 Derm-Approved Methods for Getting Rid of a Pimple

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How to Treat and Prevent Hairline Acne, According to Dermatologists

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6 Tips For Eliminating Eyelid Breakouts

3 Reasons You're Breaking Out Around Your Mouth (and How to Treat It)

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Dermatologists Say This $15 Shampoo Could Clear Your Fungal Acne

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Yes, You Can Wash Your Face With Dandruff Shampoo to Clear Fungal Acne

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This Oil Used in Ancient Ayurveda Has Promising Acne Benefits

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How to Get Rid of Forehead Acne (And Keep It From Coming Back)

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The Complete Guide to Treating Acne-Prone Skin

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Ask a Derm: Is My Skin Purging or Just Breaking Out?

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How to Get Rid of Stubborn Sebaceous Filaments Along Your Nose and Cheeks

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Ask a Dermatologist: How to Identify and Treat Fungal Acne

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How to Treat and Prevent Pregnancy Acne

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Celebrity Dermatologists Share How to Get Rid of Acne Scars

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Does Hydrogen Peroxide Work to Treat Acne? We Asked Skin Experts