According to TikTok, The Best Brow Product Is a $5 Hair Gel

Here's why the app is obsessed with Got2b's gel.

Woman with beautiful eyebrows


Another day, another TikTok trend transforming a drugstore beauty product into a sold-out, gotta-have-it essential. The TikTok effect has touched everything from the classic Coty Airspun Powder to Maybelline’s Sky High Mascara, and now it’s headed for the haircare aisle for a super simple, inexpensive way to give your brows a fluffy laminated look that stays all day. (And when we say all day, we mean all day.)

The two drugstore treasures in question are the Got2b Ultra Glued Invincible Styling Hair Gel ($5), an affordable hair gel that TikTokers and beauty fans are applying not only to their hair, but to their brows to sculpt and style. According to Got2b, the Ultra Glued Gel offers “no joke” hold. The brand’s Spiking Glue ($8) is also popular as a brow product; you see the bright yellow tube all over TikTok thanks to its long-lasting hold. Both Got2b products ring up at under $10, making them much more accessible than some fancy brow gels or an in-salon lamination service.

There’s another Got2b product making the rounds, but sadly, you can’t get it in the United States. The Got2b Glued Brows & Edges Wand Gel ($14) is made to give brows and edges a super strong hold for up to 72 hours (!!) and takes what users are loving about the Ultra Glued and Spiking Glue gels, turning it into a more convenient product format and user experience. The product may not be available at your local drugstore or superstore, but it is available on Amazon, and hopefully it hits U.S. shelves soon.

The Trend

Got2b gels have been popular on TikTok for quite awhile; they’re holding steady in the spotlight as more and more users give them a try. One popular video from user Haley Pham gained traction for the Spiking Gel as she tried it to make her “very stubborn” brows stick up.

User Vi Luong was also a fan, and her video demo’ing the gel for Asian brows currently has more than 200,000 favorites. User Carrie Shade calls the Glued Gel her “ride or die,” and after seeing the results of her technique, we see why. TikToker Atifa made gorgeous brows look so easy with just the gel, a spoolie and her fingers. 

As the products got more popular, TikTokers shared videos about everything from the differences between the U.S. and Australian versions (apparently the Aussie version is better) to comparison vids using both the black and yellow tubes. A quick search of “got2 b glued hair gel” will reveal countless uses for the product, including punky spikes, Y2K-inspired flippy bobs and wig installs. We love a drugstore legend!

Even actor Chloë Grace Moretz uses the gel in her beauty routine; the black tube makes a cameo in her recent Vogue Beauty Secrets video when she applies it to her signature full brows before tinting them.

What a Makeup Artist Thinks

While you’ll want to pay attention to your skin’s reaction to the gels and follow directions closely, makeup artist Fiona Taylor at Faces by Fiona in Dallas, Texas, says this method is one of the oldest tricks in the book.

“In this day and age, people are using convenience as a source of creativity for beauty trends,” she says. “Even craft glue sticks are a part of slick eyebrow hacks. I’ve even grabbed hairspray as a last solution to taming the brows. It's made for hair so I see no problem using it.”

Taylor says that if you want to give the Got2b gels a try, do a little prep work first for best results. “I would suggest using an oil-dissolving astringent or alcohol to cleanse the area, let them dry, then use your finger tip to dab a small amount on the brow and brush upwards with the help of a spoolie,” she explains. “With the handle of a makeup brush, smooth the brows down in the place you’d like them and use a hair dryer on low cool heat to set.” Flawless brows are just a trip to the drugstore away.

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