About-Face's Vinyl Effect Is the Only Eye Gloss That Actually Stays Put

TikTok is obsessed, and so am I.

About-Face eye gloss


As I prep for the holiday season, I'm starring to stress about the gifts I still have to buy, the outfits I have to piece together, and, of course, the makeup looks I have to conjure up. For my day-to-day, I like to wear as little makeup as possible, and let my skincare routine shine through when headed to the office or an event. Once the holidays hit, though, all of that goes out the window—I'm talking glitter on my lids, deep shades on my lips, and editorial-looking blush that spans from my cheekbone to the outer corner of my under eye. I've done glossy lids before, but honestly, it's been a minute—however, when I saw About-Face's new Vinyl Effect Eye Gloss ($14) going viral, I knew I had to dip back in.

The Product

The About-Face Vinyl Effect Eye Gloss is a clear gloss with a non-sticky finish that adds a glistening touch to any eye look. Unlike most of the glosses in your current beauty arsenal, Vinyl Effect is intended specifically for the eyelids, and is completely clear and shimmer-free to create a glass-like reflection on the lids (or a glazed donut look if you will). The Vinyl Effect Eye Gloss is packed with vegan squalane to condition the skin around the eyes, as well as safflower oil that moisturizes and provides slight antioxidant protection. And if puffiness concerns you, this formula contains aloe vera, which we've previously noted is an eye de-puffer, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties.

about-face Eye Gloss
about face Vinyl Effect Eye Gloss ($14) $14.00

The Hype

Ever since its release, TikTokers have been hyping up this product, mostly for its high-gloss finish and ability to actually stay put. Makeup artist Ruthie Barone calls it one of her "top favorite" eye glosses, because it "barely creases, it looks really pretty, and is non-sticky."

Some TikTokers tested it over elaborate makeup with little to no smudging, while others chose to wear it solo for glinty, glossy lids. Perhaps the gloss's biggest advocate has been makeup artist Zoe Kim Knealy, who says "it's realistic for every day wear. It's easy to use, non-sticky. This is the only way for a glossy lid in my book." The gloss is also a key component in her viral "crying makeup" look.

How to Use it

The Vinyl Effect Eye Gloss's editorial look can seem intimidating, but application is actually super simple. After priming your eyes, you can use an eyeshadow as a base for the gloss or apply it directly to the lids as the final step in your eye makeup routine. About-Face suggests applying it very last after mascara to prevent smudges and smears. And if you think your eye gloss could use sprucing up throughout the day, you can pop the tube into your makeup bag and reapply as you wish.

My Review

I have bad and good news, but I'll start with the bad first since it's pretty minimal. I will note that this product's downfall is the application tool itself. I'm not a fan of contaminating my makeup products with bacteria or pigments from other products. So, I tend to avoid applying the Vinyl Effect Eye Gloss directly to my lid with its doe-foot applicator, which can introduce eyeshadow particles and bacteria into the tube. Instead, I transfer this eye gloss to a sterile mixing palette and then dip my finger into the gloss on the mixing palette to apply it to my lids. Of course, this is all preference, but I would be remiss not to mention it.

Isabella wearing about-face eye gloss

Isabella Sarlija

Now, onto the good. While you technically can use a lip gloss on the eyelids for a shiny effect, I, for one, would not apply something on my lids that's intended for my lips because I have pretty sensitive eyes. I like that this formula is actually intended for the eye area , and contains ingredients that help keep the skin around my eyes moisturized and non-puffy.

As for performance, I'm a fan of this eye gloss. In the past, I've only been able to enjoy the way eye glosses looked on my lids for the mere seconds in between applying the eye gloss and blinking. Most eye glosses have various oils and waxes in them, which have a natural tendency to remove makeup and cause creasing. I'm a tough critic, but I was utterly shocked when my eye makeup under the Vinyl Effect Eye Gloss still looked the same an hour after application. I will admit that as the day went on, I noticed a bit of creasing, but that is to be expected with any gloss—especially when dealing with hooded eyelids like mine.

About-face vinyl effect tube

Isabella Sarlija

My trick to keeping my eyes glossy and the makeup underneath the gloss intact was the amount of product I used and my application technique. I dipped into the Vinyl Effect Eye Gloss twice to cover both of my eyes, and built the product in layers until I reached my desired level of glossiness. Then, I used my ring finger to pat the formula onto my eyes instead of dragging the eye gloss across my lid—this technique minimized any eyeshadow movement underneath the gloss.

And for my favorite part: the Vinyl Effect Eye Gloss costs a mere $14, which is significantly less than most mid-range glosses or eye products on the market. It's a steal for anyone looking to dip into a quick, simple, yet highly editorial makeup look this holiday season.

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