Exclusive: Abbey Lee Kershaw on NYC, Tattoos, and Being a Gemini

It’s the age-old adage: Why fix something that isn’t broken? In DKNY’s case, it’s because that something (DKNY’s long-loved, first-of-its-kind Be Delicious fragrance, which sells two units per minute worldwide), might want a fresher, sexier new beginning (and, subsequently, perhaps a fresher, sexier demographic). Enter Abbey Lee Kershaw, Aussie supermodel, newly minted Hollywood actress (you may have caught her in a little film called Mad Max: Fury Road), and Alexander Wang favorite—aka just the edgy new face the brand was looking for. We got the exclusive first look at the brand’s new campaign and were lucky enough to drop by the set and watch Kershaw seduce the camera IRL.

“Abbey Lee is truly memorable,” says campaign photographer Mario Sorrenti. “There is no one out there who looks like her—her eyes, her hair, her features. She has an innate seductiveness that is amazing to capture.” Though this isn’t Kershaw’s first fragrance campaign, it’s certainly the most iconic—even she realizes she has some big shoes to fill. “Lara Stone has always been a favorite of mine, so to follow her is especially exciting,” she tells Byrdie. “It’s just amazing to be a part of the next chapter of this story.”

Keep scrolling to see exclusive behind-the-scenes photos from the campaign as well as our very candid interview with Kershaw herself (expect multiple zodiac references).