How to Get (and Keep) Better Abs by the New Year


Tamu McPherson, Youtube

Let’s face it, time's a-ticking if we want to whip ourselves into shape for any winter travel plans on the docket. Luckily, we’ve spotted the always adorable and super-fit blogger Tamu McPherson’s new ab video above. Complete with six different workouts, it's the first crunch-heavy workout we've seen that doesn't leave us bored. And if her Instagram feed is any indication of results, you will get you that cut core you’ve been dreaming of (but have been way too busy to work toward) by January 1. All you'll need is five minutes a day, a stability ball, a yoga mat (we love the Gaiam Prosperity Yoga Mat, $22), and a little dedication.

Not into at-home workouts? Join a group class at a nearby studio. Boxing secretly targets abs while working on your form and balance. Celebs like Gigi Hadid and Gisele are big fans. But if you’re more into breath work than cardio, try hot yoga. You might be surprised at the difference in your body after only a few classes.

What’s your go-to move for a cut core? Let us know below!

Opening Image: Outdoor Voices