These Pinterest Workouts Will Give You the Abs of Your Dreams


Outdoor Voices

Contrary to popular opinion, crunches are not the only way to get a stronger core. Since we like the idea of six-packs but can’t fathom yet another series that involves lifting our upper bodies off the ground, we searched the web far and wide for some new fitness inspiration. And low and behold, we found a plethora of popular ab exercises on Pinterest, none of which include your typical crunch.

Maybe it’s the time of year or maybe people just want stronger abs and flatter stomachs, but ab exercises have been everywhere as of late, especially on Pinterest. From classic ab workouts like planks and mountain climbers to new moves like windshield wipers and flutter kicks, Pinterest has been kicking our butt, or should we say abs, with these quick yet challenging fitness routines. For the ab workouts with over 5000 pins on Pinterest, keep on reading.