Here's What a Full Face of Glam Using the Aaliyah MAC Collection Looks Like

I can't even tell you how many times I tried to reenact every dance move in Aaliyah's "Rock the Boat" video. Fun fact: I actually grew up dancing and performed a choreographed piece to her iconic song "Are You That Somebody" in fifth grade. So to say that I'm a fan honestly feels like an understatement. I have such a soft spot for Aaliyah—her angelic voice lives on forever and still cures my hopeless romantic daydreams on a regular basis. She's known as the sweetheart of R&B and hip-hop, so it's only right that a massive makeup brand like MAC pays tribute to her.

I was on the edge of my the seat the moment I got word of this collab and felt the need to tell everyone when a press email notified me that the MAC x Aaliyah collection would drop. This was a highly requested collection for MAC from die-hard Aaliyah fans. What's even sweeter is that her brother, whom she was very close with, had a close hand in curating the collection. He even came up with every shade name to be sure it represented her to a T. "We wanted the line to represent the totality of my sister's story in beauty," her brother, Rashad Haughton told Refinery29. "There are products I named like 'Try Again,' 'Street Thang,' and 'More Than a Woman.' Other names I chose convey more aspects of my sister's life and experience."

To put it simply, this is a special collection. These shades are so Aaliyah and are the perfect blend of modern-day and throwback feels. Here's what I look like wearing the bronzing powder, eye shadow palette, and gorgeous lip shades.