The Makeup Artist of A Star Is Born Just Revealed Behind-the-Scenes Secrets

The buzz surrounding the latest remake of A Star Is Born has been slowly cumulating up until its release this past weekend. Whether or not you've seen the film yet is a moot point. Don't worry; we won't share any spoilers. If you've scrolled through social media, driven past a billboard, or attended a movie anytime in the past year or so, then it's likely you've seen the moody, black-and-white advertisements. In them, we see a ruddy-faced Bradley Cooper staring deep into the eyes of a surprisingly bare-faced Lady Gaga. We say surprisingly because we're used to seeing the pop star sport expressive and chameleon-like makeup looks on the regular. 

The film's lead makeup artist, Ve Neill, recently spoke to Refinery29, opening up about behind-the-scenes secrets and the tricks of the trade she used to transform Cooper into the disheveled, tortured musician we see on screen. She even shared some info on Lady Gaga's makeup routine (or rather, lack thereof). Keep scrolling to read her on-set makeup secrets.