22 Fun and Sexy Hairstyles for Naturally Curly Hair

Updated 04/02/18
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Best Hairstyles for Curly Hair

Maggie Q
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

If you were born with curly hair, you know that it can be challenging at times, especially when you're fighting frizz. Then again, it can also be fabulous. Many women are choosing to embrace their natural curls and show them off.

Before your next cut or style, a photo gallery of some of the sexiest, bounciest hair is sure to offer plenty of inspiration.

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The Beachy Curl

Rachelle Lefevre
Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Natural curls do not necessarily require a lot of styling, products, or work. Actress Rachelle Lefevre rocks some easy breezy beach waves that show how just a small amount of styling can create an amazing look.

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The Soft, Red Curl

Jennifer Ferrin
Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

The longer your hair is, the more it will weigh down your curls. While it can look limp, actress Jennifer Ferrin proves that it can relax curls just enough. Her soft ringlets ride that fine line between curl and wave and it looks fabulous with her bright red color.

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The Sexy Wave Curl

Shania Twain with curly hair
Wireimage/Getty Images

Singer Shania Twain has beautiful hair with a natural wave. This cut just below the shoulder is stunning with the face-framing tendrils and layered curls. Her highlights in various shades of brown perfectly highlight the curl while keeping the natural, sexy look.

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The Super-Long Curl

Eliza Doolittle
Dave Hogan/Getty Images

If you want to go super long, your curls can look amazing. Singer Eliza Doolittle loves this look and wears it with pure style. Even at this length, her curls retain great dimension. It is most likely the result of choosing the right styling products for curls.

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The Medium Wavy Curl

Lisa Edelstein
Mathew Imaging/Getty Images

Many women with straight hair will go to great lengths to achieve stunning curls like Lisa Edelstein. Her medium-length cut has a soft wave that really shows off her face in a very playful way. It's a look that you can get with the help of a curling iron as well.

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The Short and Bouncy Curl

Julia Garner
Julia Garner. Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images

It is a myth that you cannot go short if your hair is curly. Many women have proven this old beauty "rule" wrong and actress Julia Garner is one of the best examples. It is very rare to see her with straight hair and her bouncy curls at or above her shoulders always look fabulous.

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The Bob Curl

Janet Dacal
Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

A stunning set of curls, actress Janet Dacal's hair is simply a marvel. Her red locks are perfectly styled in a messy sort of way and the ringlets have a great tightness that adds body. If you have fear of becoming a poufball with a shorter cut, this photo should be inspiration that you can pull it off.

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The Bounciest Curl

Kimberly Schlapman
Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Talk about bouncy curls! Musician Kimberly Schlapman knows how to wear this look. Her cut is often around her shoulders and includes many layers that give her hair a fantastic and fun shape. The blonde mop fits her personality perfectly and really highlights her face.

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The Dark Spiral Curl

Sofia Milos
Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

When it comes to dark spirals worn long, actress Sofia Milos has the look nailed and you'll rarely see her without it. If you follow a few rules for getting well-defined curls, like moisturizing and applying products while your hair is wet, this style is surprisingly easy to maintain. Plus, it's a lot of fun to sweep your fingers through and give the occasional hair flip.

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The Shoulder-Length Curl

Michelle Pfeiffer
Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

For women with softer curls like Michelle Pfeiffer, it can be easy to think about going straight. Yet, when you look at the actress' many looks over the years, you'll notice that she rarely loses her natural wave entirely. She still inspires women of all ages and definitely gets the vote for some of the best curly hair for women over 50.

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The Bouncy and Beautiful Curl

Alex Kingston
Dave Hogan/Getty Images

English actress Alex Kingston is another gorgeous woman who doesn't try to fight her curls. She often wears them in a shaggier, long style and enjoys showing off their fullness. Then again, she has tightened them up for her role on "ER" and on the red carpet, we see how she gives them a super sexy look. 

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The Let's Go Natural Curl

Kyra Sedgwick
Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Actress Kyra Sedgwick has had curls for years. She doesn't straighten her hair all the time, like so many other celebrities, so it's a shock when she does. Instead, we often see her with this natural curl or with a slight wave. If you want inspiration on how versatile curly hair is, explore some of her looks.

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The Everyday Curl

Melina Kanakaredes
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Melina Kanakaredes has beautiful locks that are the envy of many women. Subtle highlights really help frame her beautiful face.

Her look is something that naturally curly-haired women can pull off every day. The secrets are in the styling and once you get a personal routine down, you can rock this look day and night like she does.

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The Mature Curl

Kate Capshaw
WireImage/Getty Images

Kate Capshaw's curls are lush and she proves that mature women can still have a lot of fun with their ringlets. This short bob is certainly not lacking in volume and the layers are fabulous.

For women who want to go from curly to straight and back again, browsing Capshaw's many looks can show you how it's done with class.

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The Big and Highlighted Curl

Tanika Ray
Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Many black women have naturally curly hair and there are many gorgeous natural styles for you to choose from. Tanika Ray is known for her big hair and it's a fun look that is always fabulous. You'll often notice that she plays with a lot of highlights that accent those beautiful curls.

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The Tight Ringlet Curl

Jordin Sparks
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Jordin Sparks often switches between her natural hair and a super straight look. Either of them really suits her personality and when her curls get really tight like this, they're full of life.

If you want to go straight, you have many options. Hair relaxers are a popular option for African American hair that grows out over time. Another option is a keratin treatment, which allows the curl to come back slowly over a few months.

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The Boldest Curl

An Evening of Ailey And Jazz 2016 Opening Night Gala
Donna Ward/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Singer Solange knows how to have fun with her natural hair. You'll often see her go big and bold like this, but then again you can find many photos of her with super soft, sexy waves.  If you need evidence that the pouf is sexy and beautiful, she has it.

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The Curling Rod Curl

Anna Shaffer
Stuart Wilson/Getty Images

A big mop of curls can be seen as a curse or a blessing. Actress Anna Shaffer clearly sees it as a blessing because you will rarely see her without this beautiful head of full, super thick curls. You, too, can rock perfect spirals with the help of curling rods.

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The Super Fun Curl

Madison Pettis
Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Tight ringlets are the signature look for actress Madison Pettis and they are so much fun. Her curls have a brilliant bounce and her stylist really knows how to work in the layers. Ask yours to cut in layers and even use a razor. It's an essential element to taming the curl.

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The Blown-Out Curl

Madison Stubbington
Kirstin Sinclair/Getty Images

When you just can't handle the curl, blow it out. If you've taken a brush to your hair, you know this look from model Madison Stubbington. It creates a soft, fluffy wave that is super cute and rather seductive at the same time. To control it just a little bit, add a very light product so the blow out doesn't get too wild.

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The Supple Curl

Genny Lis Padilla
Jemal Countess/Getty Images

Broadway star Genny Lis Padilla is also well-known for her supple curl. She wears her dark hair with such grace and often has those sexy ringlets near the top. She is also a master at the updo and the half-up, half-down look, which can pull all that hair back and still look hot.

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