Hanz de Fuko Products: A Review

Hanz de Fuko Scheme Cream
 Courtesy of Hanz de Fuko

Styling products dedicated to men can quite often be—while useful—unimpressive. California-based Hanz de Fuko, however, is a line of organic hair care products that are also effective. Or at least that's their mission. Even if you're less concerned about things being "organic" or "all-natural," hair care products should at least work, and to that end, Hanz de Fuko does not disappoint. People who don't care about naturals will also appreciate that these products are made in the United States, (despite the name,) and that they're not tested on animals. Also, all of the products mentioned here are $23.

Shampoo and Conditioner

Their shampoo has become one of my favorite shampoos. It does a great job of cleaning the hair and scalp, and it rinses away completely, easily. The shampoo smells good, and the fragrance doesn't linger after it's rinsed out. Still, the ingredient list reads a bit more like a spice rack, as it contains things like sage, eucalyptus, spearmint, clover, apple, and orange. While I’m not exactly sure what apple and pomegranate are going to do for my hair, I do know that the shampoo cleans well and leaves my hair manageable and with a nice shine. Of course, it's free of parabens and sulfates too.

Like the Natural Shampoo, Hanz de Fuko Natural Conditioner is free of sulfates and parabens. I like it, because it leaves the hair feeling thicker and well-conditioned, but it rinses away clean without leaving heavy buildup. It's suitable for fine hair, and it seems to actually leave my hair feeling a bit thicker. The conditioner has a nice little menthol kick, too.

Scheme Cream

Hanz De Fuko's Scheme Cream is a product that offers a medium hold and a natural looking shine. It works very well for any kind of “bed head” styles, or any style where you’re looking for a medium, flexible hold.

I’ve found myself grabbing Scheme Cream more often than most of the other stuff in my arsenal. I like the way it holds my fine hair and gives me a little shine without the heavy, greasy feeling of other creams. The hold lasts all day, and it doesn't lose control under humidity, either.

Hybridized Wax

Most average people will see the term “hybridized wax” and go, “huh?” We’ll just call it a water-based pomade to make things simple. On a scale of one to ten, Hybridized Wax offers a hold and shine factor of about an eight. I like this product for styling up a polished, classic look. It's also, thankfully, non-greasy, so it washes out cleanly. Like most other Hanz de Fuko, the product has a very light, pleasant fragrance.

Modify Pomade

A cousin to the Hybridized Wax, Modify Pomade offers a similar hold, but with a slightly higher shine. This product is great if you’re looking for that rockabilly-type look, or any other kind of slick one, where a high shine is desired. While the product is somewhat greasy, it still rinses out easily.


Here’s where we start getting to the really interesting stuff in the Hanz de Fuko line. Quicksand gives the hair great lift and volume, whilst absorbing oil. It offers a matte finish with a medium hold, and gives amazing texture—even in fine, limp hair.

The product stays flexible throughout the day so you can still move your hair around if you’d like. The texture is slightly gritty, so it really gives hair a matte, highly textured finish. At the same time, it's bizarrely lightweight—it’s great for those who like their hair the morning after.

This is a truly unique product, and it's now one of my must haves.

Sponge Wax

The biggest seller of the Hanz de Fuko products is their Sponge Wax. It has a low shine, but a high-hold finish. The hold remains pliable throughout the day, which is why it's good for those looking for a strong hold that stays put. I like to use it to create nice separation in medium to short styles. For men with thicker hair who need solid control, this is your best bet.

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