A Review of DevaCurl Products

DevaCurl Products

If you wear your hair curly, you've probably heard about the brand DevaCurl at some point. The company makes curl-friendly products and accessories suitable for all textures. It's also known for its signature DevaCut that makes the most of natural hair, whether it's wavy, tightly curled or somewhere in the middle.

I was fortunate enough to be able to review six of the products in the line, as detailed below. There are videos at the DevaCurl website that show how to apply many of the products so that you can experience the best results. I highly recommend checking those out, even before you make any purchases.

The company takes a lot of pride in offering curl-friendly ingredients, so you won't find sulfates, mineral oil, parabens and silicones, to name just a few of the ingredients they avoid. Keep reading for my honest review on DevaCurl’s hair products.

Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.

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  • Light fragrance
  • Tangle-free
  • Treats scalp and hair
  • Revives texture
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  • Curl cast
  • Does not speed up drying time

DevaCurl Products

Best for: Curly and coily hair textures

Uses: Cleansing, hydrating, and styling

Active Ingredients: Coconut oil, flaxseed oil, peppermint, sunflower, and more.

About the brand: The DevaCurl product line came after the conception of the DevaChan salons. Lorraine Massey founded the brand in 1994 and it has evolved into a wide-range of hair products, tools, and accessories since.

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About My Hair

I'm not on a no-poo regimen, and I wanted to begin with as clean a slate as possible. I have a long drying time⁠—usually over three hours to be exact. I like to fully detangle when deep conditioning with a comb.

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How to Use

Cleansing and Clarifying

Before using the DevaCurl products, I clarified my hair as stated above.

  • No-Poo: This is a conditioning cleanser (not to be confused with typical co-wash products) that doesn't lather at all. Unlike a cleansing conditioner that focuses only on the hair, No-Poo cleans the scalp and hair. It contains peppermint oil (along with other goodies like hops and amino acids) and I could really feel the tingle on my scalp when I used it.
  • One Condition: I followed up the No-Poo with the conditioner, which was just as rich and creamy. I didn't need a comb while using these products. I applied a generous amount, enough to make sure each hair strand was covered, and I finger combed throughout. There's plenty of slip, so I was able to work through tangles easily.
  • Heaven in Hair: Everyone with curls out there needs a great deep conditioner in her life. I'm a big fan of thick, creamy deep treatments, and this one fits the bill. After shampooing, I slathered my hair with this conditioner, combed through, covered with a plastic cap and sat under my bonnet dryer for 30 minutes. I didn't really need a comb using this product, but I like to fully detangle when deep conditioning. After rinsing, my hair was tangle-free and felt very clean and soft. (Note: I used this deep treatment on a different day than styling my wash and go.)

Everything I used had a light fragrance and nothing was overpowering. Once my hair was done for the day, it just smelled clean and fresh.

Wash and Go:

After cleansing my hair with the No-Poo, I conditioned with One Condition. Next, I rinsed One Condition out, and then I reapplied a small amount, using it as a leave-in. Before styling, I made sure my hair was wet. It wasn't dripping everywhere, but it was wet.

  • Ultra Defining Gel: A thick gel offering plenty of hold. Although the hold is firm, my hair didn't feel heavy at all.
  • Styling Cream: A creamy styler that I used in conjunction with the gel. I didn't apply it to my dry hair to control any frizz or add definition because it wasn't needed. I only used it on damp hair.
  • Mirror Curls: A very thick serum perfect for adding shine or sheen. I never use serums on wet hair, so I applied this to my dry, finished style. (Ed. note: Mirror Curls has been discontinued.)

I applied the gel first, followed by the cream. I partitioned off my hair into four sections, using about two quarters-worth of the gel, and one quarter-size amount of the cream on each section. I was generous with both products, using only my fingers to work everything through.

I let my hair air dry for almost three hours, at which point it was about 90% dry. Then I used my diffuser on warm air/low flow, finishing off with a cool shot. I only diffused for a few minutes. My hair wasn't totally dry, but it was close. Once it was fully dry (about 30 minutes later—I know, I have a long drying time!), I added the serum.

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The Results

DevaCurl Products Review

These are the results of my wash and go. Can I just say "curl definition"? This picture really doesn't convey how full and bouncy my hair was. I've heard some bloggers/vloggers say their hair felt "coated" after using some DevaCurl products, but I didn't experience that. I did have a little bit of a "gel cast" or, as the company calls it, a "Curl Cast", but it was in no way hard or crunchy, and I scrunched it out easily. I pineappled my hair at night and my second-day hair looked just as good as my first-day hair.

Needless to say, I love the products I tried.

Aside from products, tools and accessories, you can find brand salons that perform their signature DevaCut. Check out the DevaCurl site for full product information and where to find a salon that can perform a DevaCut especially for you!

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The Value

These products are genuinely made with all textures in mind. Unfortunately, all brands don't enhance curl definition, but DevaCurl clearly does. It was also a hassle-free wash and go experience, with little to no detangling necessary. You save time and effort while still having your hair look its very best. It's all worth the price!

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Our Verdict

While these products worked well in this scenario, it's important to keep in mind that curls are not universal. Everyone's hair is different and DevaCurl has not worked out for all.

Ed note: Since the initial date of publishing this story, DevaCurl has faced claims of hair loss, curl and texture damage, and scalp damage. Please practice caution when using these products.

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