By Vilain Gold Digger Styling Wax: A Review

Whenever Emil and Rasmus Albrechtsen, twins with impossibly great heads of hair and the brains behind Slikhaar TV, debut a new haircare product, I'm intrigued. Their line of men's haircare products, By Vilain, aims to provide professional hair products that are both high-performance and high quality. Their bestseller? Gold Digger, a hair wax that offers extreme hold, a matte finish, and fullness. The product was a catalyst for future launches because of its efficacy so naturally, I felt inclined to put it to the test. Below, find everything you need to know about this cult-favorite hair wax.


  • Has a strong hold but remains pliable
  • Matte finish
  • Can be used as a "pre-styling" tool


  • Quick-setting, so work quickly
  • Difficult to remove from hands and hair

Bottom Line

The By Vilain Gold Digger hair wax is great for those who are looking for a super hold with a matte finish.

  • Best for: Thick, coarse hair.
  • Uses: All day style control as well as fullness and texture.
  • Byrdie Clean: No, contains mineral oil.
  • Price: $22
  • About the brand: By Vilain is a Danish haircare line that provides professional hair products for men with a focus on quality and performance.

The Feel: Sticky and Thick

Because of its clay-like consistency, it's essential to emulsify this wax well in between your hands before application. I found I needed to work quickly, though, because it sets up quickly—in the hands, it's a short time until it starts to feel tacky and glue-like. To extend the "workable time" of the product, I like to add a bit of water to my palms.

By Vilain Gold Digger
By Vilain Gold Digger $25

The Results: Strong Yet Manageable Hair

This is a wax-based product with an extremely high hold and a matte finish (it's like the bully on the hair product playground—it'll beat your hair into submission). It's ideal for those with thick hair (it may be too aggressive for those with fine hair) and is shockingly strong. The unique part about it is that unlike a gel, it still remains pliable after it sets. And with virtually no scent (though it lists fragrance as an ingredient), it's still pleasant to apply. Plus, it works well with both formal styles and day-to-day wear.

The Value: Affordable + Worth It

If you're looking for a matte finish wax that offers all-day hold, this is it. It's reasonably-priced, and you can also use it alongside a shine-inducing product if matte's not your thing.

Our Verdict: Yes, Buy It

At $25, I can't complain about this product. While it can be difficult to wash off your hands and hair (a clarifying shampoo is a must), that's the tradeoff for a high-hold product. I've had fun testing this one in my barbershop, and I'll certainly keep this in my box of essential styling products.

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