A Rainbow Of Mascaras To Try

When bright mascara showed up on runways last year—cobalt blue at Stella McCartney, fluorescent pink, green, and blue at Dior Couture—it was thanks to bold pigments and a masterful application by the world’s best makeup artists. It took them a minute, but big brands are finally making this a look you can actually try at home—without dipping your lashes in powder. Chanel, Butter London, and Maybelline have all released limited-edition bright mascaras, while YSL continues to keep their Majorelle Blue among their classics. And if it’s too much for you, go the subtle route: green and hazel eyes pop with a rich purple mascara, while blue and dark brown eyes look best with a dose of blue, whether navy or aqua. As for the pink, green, and yellow formulas: you can coat your lashes for extra fun, or add a touch to the tips for a subtle hint of color.