A-Line Haircuts Have Gotten a Major Upgrade

Rosario Dawson

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The hype for a-lines, which were all the rage not too long ago, has seemed to die down. But in reality, they haven't gone anywhere (they've just gotten a major upgrade). And it seems every major celebrity and influencer has gotten the memo.

While the a-line's signature angular tilt from back to front is still a pronounced look, they've softened their graze. With point-cut ends and weightless, airy texture, a-line haircuts are much more subtle than their dramatic predecessors. Despite this step back, they still elongate the face, graze the collarbone, and accentuate jaw lines at distance. Ahead, 20 modern ways to wear a classic a-line haircut.

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Icy Blonde

Cara Delevingne wears her icy blonde like a veil over her bluntly cut bob. The color and cut together make all her best features pop like whoa.

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Bits and Bobs

Soft, subtle layers are enough of a bevel for us to call this bob one of the a-lines we're swooning over. We love the emphasized texture and movement of this style that manages to keep its short bobbed shape without a strand out of place.

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Wavy Hair

Don't stray from short styles just because your hair is thick or wavy. Ask your stylist to remove some weight from your hair to avoid having ends that poof up or feel boxy. Since wavy hair tends to curl up in various directions, lightly tap your ends with a flat iron to show off the dramatic line of your cut without compromising all your natural movement.

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Sleek and Shiny

Tiffany Haddish shows off her subtle a-line with this beautifully sleek and shiny straightened style. To help give your strands a boost of shine while protecting them from the heat of your styling tools, I recommend using a product like Saschajuan Straight and Shine Spray ($30).

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Baby Bob

Trendsetter Olivia Culpo's chin-lengthed chop was all the rage on the streets of Paris Fashion Week this year. It's a playful ode to the bobs of the '90s, appropriately paired here with mauve lips and liner.

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Stick Straight

This classic a-line with its clean center part, dramatic angle, and stick straight styling is self-explanatory; this style is still in vogue, and it isn't going anywhere.

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Elongated Bobs

Blogger and entrepreneur Aimee Song is no stranger to shoulder-length strands. For an extra dramatic look, follow suit, let the back of your hair graze your shoulders, and gradually glide down to brush against your clavicle.

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Bronde Bob

J.Lo is the queen of a good bronzed look, and that applies to her strands as well. She wears her freshly cut bob with a glaze of sun-kissed bronze (we'll call it bronde) and we predict it'll be a frequently requested color among fellow brunettes in the salon.

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Shoulder Graze

Reese Witherspoon recently made the chop before her latest press for The Morning Show. We love the way she paired her shoulder-grazing a-line with the strong eye-catching lines on her Celine dress.

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Extra Drama

This a-line bob distinctly follows the jawline, perfectly highlighting her face shape. For similar face shapes and strong, pointed chins, this cut is extremely flattering.

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Weather Resistant

The A-line cut is a weather-friendly style all year round. It bodes well in the windy seasons and is the perfect length to avoid getting tangled up in your scarves during the cooler months. Those shorter strands will also prolong the life of all your favorite hair products, with much less required to keep up the style.

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Soft Ends

The A-line cut has a softness to it all on its own, but we love this extra soft style worn by Brie Larson. If you decide to add a wave or curl to your bob, keep your ends curled in and brush through it all with a mixed bristle brush. For extra smoothness, spritz your brush with a lightweight hairspray before raking through your style—R+Co Outer Space Flexible Hairspray ($32) has a great hold-level.

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An a-line bob may be a short cut to some, but it still gives you enough to work with if you’re someone who likes to pull your hair up or play around with more stylized 'dos. The longer bits around the face give you more to work with, so it's easy to pull them up and off your face, or in Gabrielle Union’s case, you can use that face-framing length to curl up your ends and adorn.

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Clean Crop

A nice clean style showcases the subtle angles of an a-line and looks ultra fab. For a crop as polished as Karlie's, use the end of a tail comb to create a clean parting in the hair.

If you don't have a detailing brush on-hand, you can comb down flyaways with a flat-bristled toothbrush dipped in a flexible-hold pomade.

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Beachy Lob

Those layers in the back of your style give great texture and movement to your cut. This detail works really well on shorter bobs and longer, well, lobs. We love this beachy-looking lob by Chris McMillan salon's Dominick Serna, who has built a notable reputation for his covetable bobs, lobs, and A-line cuts.

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Curly Chop

For all the curly girls that have been cursed with a bad haircut that left you looking like a triangular traffic sign, don't be scared of the A-line cut. With enough face-framing layers and some soft bangs, it will complement your hair texture perfectly.

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Highlight the Angle

The A-line cut is great if you never commit to a solid parting and like to flip your hair around. When over directed or pushed to one side, deep side parts make your a-line angle much more dramatic. Regina Hall uses this trick to her advantage with a deep side part that effortlessly highlights her cut's subtle edge.

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Make It Soft

Rosario Dawson

The tools your stylist uses have a great impact on your finished style. A large-barrelled curling iron or a big blowdrying brush will get you these soft, sultry waves like Rosario Dawson's.

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Colorful Cut

Nothing brings attention to your angular cut the way a bright pop of color can. Take it from Justine Skye, who makes color her best hair accessory when her a-line goes from ordinary to extra by way of her marbled purple strands.

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Play with the Neck Line

We've noted that this style is great in all seasons, and Kristen Bell in a turtleneck and blazer reminds us that different necklines can drastically play up your cut. The neckline becomes a whole other accessory for you to play with when you have an angular bob.

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