A Dozen Faux Eyelashes That Actually Look Real

Faux eyelashes might make you think of Halloween or Las Vegas, but it turns out that they’ve become an everyday occurrence. (Well, almost.) Nearly every actress on every red carpet is wearing them, expertly blended into their real lashes, of course, for added volume that doesn’t look glued on. The trick is choosing individuals or a strip that’s the same length as your own lashes, and applying them post mascara, says Kate Bosworth’s go-to makeup artist Andre Sarmiento. “That's how you can create density without adding length,” he says about the above look. “I applied just four or five of Ardell’s Natural Medium-Length Individuals ($4) on the outer corners to give that lifted feeling. Then once they’re on, add more mascara to blend your real lashes with the fakes.” Believe it or not, strips can work, too. Just trim a natural-looking set to fit the shape of your eye and apply with tweezers. Duo’s Eyelash Adhesive ($5) in Dark Tone is the industry standard when it comes to adhesive. You’ll find 12 lash options in our slideshow, from thin individuals to subtle strips for just the right amount of drama.