11 '90s Workout Clothes Trends For an Instant Energy Burst

Almost as fun as your fitness classes.

90s workout clothes


Fitness streaming services and apps have replaced the VHS tapes and DVDs of the ’90s and early aughts (bless). But as far as ’90s workout clothes? Bring on the exuberance: French cuts, neon colors, biker shorts, and more have not only returned to the activewear market but thoroughly infiltrated it, and we're honestly thrilled about it. As ’90s fashion trends touch just about every corner of our wardrobes, from dresses and tops to bold jewelry and jeans, it seems only fitting that the good times continue into our athletic attire—though, of course, through a modern lens.

Among the most prominent reborn ’90s clothing trends are energizing colors like hot pink, lime green, and chartreuse, as well as peppy pastels in ribbed and sculpting fabrics. Spirited prints are also back in a big way, from florals to brush strokes and peppy paisley. And the ’90s gave us so much color blocking, from multicolored pieces to vibrant combos of single-hued styles. Nostalgic silhouettes like leotards, oversized warm-up layers, and chunky sneakers are prime when it comes to nostalgic workout trends, too, plus swishy shorts for styling atop a unitard or second-skin leggings.

And what would a ‘90s-inspired activewear outfit be without the accoutrement? Yep, we’re talking scrunchies, fanny packs, and even wrist weights—we know you’ve seen Bala’s sleek bangles. Whether you’re working on your buns of steel or on a coffee run balancing act, keep scrolling to discover 11 ’90s workout clothing trends that are back in the spotlight.

Neon Colors

Nothing radiates joy like the brightest pop of color you can find. The best way to rock this punchy trend? Glowing tones head to toe.

Punchy Prints

Exuberant prints are unmistakably ’90s and the most fun in spandex form.

Biker Shorts

From French cuts to florals and highlighter hues, biker shorts are perhaps the '90s workout clothes to stock up on. From yoga and pilates sessions to the most effortless day-off outfits, these will be a staple in your closet in no time.

Statement Leggings

Give your black leggings a rest day in favor of an eye-catching print.

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Leotards and Unitards

Nothing screams '90s workout clothes more than a leotard or onesie with a cool warm-up layer and a scrunchie. Whether you're trying out jazzercise or going to a decidedly more modern barre class, you're bound to turn heads.

Color Blocking

What may be dizzying to one person is a mood-booster for another—sign us up for this take on explosive color.

Swishy Shorts

No '90s workout trend is more powerful than practical yet joyful styling. Swishy shorts are the perfect layer for slipping over a leotard or second-skin bottom to avoid feeling overexposed.

Chunky Sneakers

From aerobics-inspired high-tops to multicolored trainers, the ’90s were all about a chunky sneaker. They're making just as big a statement in 2021, no matter how you style them.

Quarter-Length Socks

A quarter-length sock is a peak ’90s way to accent your favorite pair of sneakers.

Oversized Layers

From windbreakers to sweatshirts and extra-long tees, loose-fitting tops create the perfect contrast to second-skin leggings and biker shorts.

The Extras

'90s workout clothes may have been about minimalism in many ways, but extras were often key to pulling together the perfect look. Accessories such as scrunchies, fanny packs, and wrist weights are signatures of the decade when it comes to workout gear.

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