The '90s Supermodel Nail Trend Is Neutral Perfection

J.Lo is already a fan.

90s supermodel manicure


It's time to say goodbye to bright nail polishes, chrome finishes, and bold patterns—at least for now. This fall, neutral nails are in, and the '90s supermodel nail trend is leading the way. Coined by celebrity nail stylist Tom Bachik, this simple nail trend is all about a subdued colors and an oval shape. The result? A polished, classic look that Cindy Crawford would be happy to sport on a photoshoot or runway.

There's a reason this classic manicure is gaining popularity again. It's a timeless look that flatters everyone. Plus, this mani is an easy one to request at the salon—or even do yourself. Read on for everything you need to know about this retro nail trend and how to get the look.

The Trend

When this nail trend first started, it already had a celebrity fan: Nicola Peltz Beckham. On April 25, Bachik shared a photo of her soft pink manicure for her wedding to Brooklyn Beckham, kicking off the trend. Other celebs have also sported similar manis, including Jennifer Lopez and Jasmine Tookes.

The '90s supermodel manicure is all about achieving a clean overall look—one that's universally flattering and goes with literally anything. The faint polish color doesn't make a statement on its own; it just adds a polished accent to whatever look you're already serving. Hence, why the subtle look was such a popular choice for models.

The barely-there baby pink color is eye-catching in a subtle way, so it's no surprise that the look spurred on a new nail trend. Soon, fans on TikTok, Instagram, and Pinterest to start recreating the no-fuss manicure.

Feeling inspired by the '90s supermodel nails? Below, we have all the details on how to accomplish this look, whether you are headed to the salon or making use of your own polish collection.

Get the Look

Bachik didn't share the details of the custom blended color he used on Peltz Beckham, but that doesn't mean you can't replicate the look. Any light pink color should work, just avoid highly-saturated bubblegum colors—or just sheer them out with a few drops of clear polish.

If you already have a neutral pink you love, feel free to stick with it. On the other hand, if you're feeling a little stuck on what hue to choose, TikTok has plenty of ideas on where to start.

For a classic '90s supermodel-inspired manicure, TikToker Renee Rodriguez recommends combining two coats of OPI's Love Is In The Bare ($18) and one coat of OPI's Put It In Neutral. Together, this color combination is just diluted enough to match this trend. But that's far from your only option.

OPI has plenty of other polish colors that suit '90s supermodel nails. Another TkToker suggests Baby Take A Vow, Bubble Bath, and Pale To The Chief as potential options. But really, any toned-down baby pink will work for this trendy manicure.

Oval-shaped nails complete the look for this trend, but that doesn't mean they're mandatory. If you prefer a different shape, feel free to swap it in. Whether you stick with oval or go for almond, square, or round, you can still achieve a supermodel-worthy result.

Your best bet? Before you go to the salon, gather plenty of inspo pictures to give your manicurist an idea of what you're looking for. If you're trying to DIY this manicure, the same rule applies: Collect lots of pictures before your get started. Once you decide what your take on the '90s supermodel manicure will look like, give yourself some room for error. You can always play with different color combinations until you find one you love.

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