Halloween Costume Inspiration From Your Favorite '90s Movies

If you have yet to lock down your look for Halloween, look no further than the scary movies from a simpler time—the '90s. The beloved decade boasts a bounty of beauty looks to steal from the films that were basically made for Halloween.

Bring new life to a time-honored Tim Burton character or channel your inner moody high schooler with some darker sensibilities inspired by a '90s cult classic. Everyone knows that makeup can make the costume, so focus less on how you'll be dressing up and more on how you'll playing the part with a perfectly made-up visage everyone at the party will be talking about. And you don't even have to go the way of Heidi Klum to make a statement.   

These iconic Halloween movies of yesteryear are packed full of equally iconic beauty looks, so revisit them this weekend for a timely dose of inspiration. Steal screen siren makeup looks that are every bit spooky as they are striking. Follow in the footsteps of these female leads for a Halloween beauty look that's sure to impress.

See below to get a scary serving of inspiration with these iconic beauty looks from our favorite '90s Halloween movies.