5 Outdated "Diet" Foods Nutritionists Want You to Stop Eating



The 1990s were good in a lot of ways: brown lipstick, dark roots, etc. But the diet foods of 20 years ago leave something to be desired. It makes sense when you consider how much science has changed in the last two decades. As nutrition and weight loss research continues to progress, our definition of a "healthy" diet becomes closer and closer to the truth. Today, nutritionists tend to agree on what constitutes a healthy eater. As registered dietitian Jenny Champion puts it, healthy eaters "choose real food over anything processed, value the quality of food they eat, and have a healthy relationship with food without obsessing over it."

But foods that were considered nutritious and good for weight loss in the "heroine-chic" era subscribed to a completely different philosophy. Today, we're reflecting on the five worst diet foods of the 1990s—and recommending modern alternatives. Keep scrolling to see the most popular diet foods in 1997 compared to 2017.