The Best-Smelling '90s Beauty Products We're Still Not Over

There's nothing like a little nostalgia to get you through the workweek, am I right? We've talked about it before, but there's something so delightfully disorienting about a scent that takes you back in time. My first-ever designer fragrance, Ralph Lauren Romance ($63), puts me back in the middle school bathroom touching up my eyeliner. Febreeze Fabric Refresher ($10) smells like my comforter at summer camp. Yankee Candle's Clean Cotton ($10) reminds me of the time my parents let me move to the attic and decorate however I wanted. And, of course, there are all things Bath & Body Works. I attribute much of my kinship with beauty to those body sprays and lotions.

I asked my fellow editors about their scent memories as well, and naturally, everyone had a Bath & Body Works favorite. As for the rest, while many of them are still available (freaking out about this), a few have, sadly, been discontinued. To remedy that devastating fact, I included a few grown-up varieties to replace them. Keep reading for all our favorite '90s scents and why we still love them dearly after all these years.