This Fizzy Green Tablet Will Replace Your Juicing Habit

On paper, Dawn Russell has the kind of life reminiscent of a modern-day fairy tale: An American model meets British royalty, falls in love, gets married, and moves to London, where she now resides happily with her husband and two sons. 

But every fairy tale has a twist, and Russell’s was more sobering than most: In her mid-20s, she was diagnosed with stage-three cancer, which immediately put her modeling days behind her. The runways of Ralph Lauren and Donna Karan were swapped for the hospital bed, and upon her fourth surgery, Russell developed a serious bone infection that weakened her to the point where chemotherapy and radiotherapy were no longer viable options.

But a true heroine never gives up, and neither did Russell. She took matters in her own hands and started doing her own research, traveling all over the world for alternative treatments, nurses and IV tubes in tow (and subsequently meeting her future husband, Lord James Russell).

It was during her recovery that she started noticing a pattern: Consuming greens like spinach, kale, and something called blue-green algae (more on that later) directly correlated how she felt. The more greens she had, the less nauseous and weak she was—and she knew it wasn’t a coincidence. Thus, 8G was born—the fizzy green tablet that wants to replace your juice addiction. I met with Lady Russell on a balmy morning in Los Angeles to learn more about this supplement, and how it may just change the way we consume greens forever.

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