How to Wear the '70s Fashion Trends All Over Instagram

Disco fever is in full swing.

70s fashion trends

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Fashion is cyclical, and with the recent resurgence of jumpsuits, high-waisted flared pants, crochet, clogs, and wrap dresses, no decade has gotten more attention than the ‘70s. “We’re seeing a lot of updated lengths and fabrics to reintroduce these styles in a modern way,” Esther Kim, co-founder of clothing brand Into The Night, tells Byrdie. 

With shorter hemlines, thigh-high boots and gender-bending silhouettes and patterns, everything about ‘70s fashion was a tribute to self-expression and revolution. And after months of sheltering-in-place, that’s exactly what we're seeing from some of our favorite style mavens on Instagram. If you want to channel some of this incredible retro energy, ahead, scroll for nine of the decade's most popular trends, all worn by some of Instagram's most buzz-worthy influencers. Plus, some options to test it out yourself.

Wide Leg Flare Pants

Considered a fashion faux pas for decades, the wide-leg flare pants are quintessential '70s. For 2021, pair your flares with a chunky knit and platform boots.

Printed Knitwear

According to celebrity fashion stylist, Britt Theodora, printed knitwear is perfect for the person who loves to be comfortable but experiment with trends.

Oversized Sunnies

Wardrobe stylist, Noah Diaz, recommends oversized sunnies as a great way to wet your feet into the ‘70s waters without going all out. Plus, there are so many fun shapes and sizes you can incorporate into all your outfits.

Wrap Dresses

The '70s were known for floral and psychedelic prints that you can often find in today’s wrap dresses.

Sweater Vests

Sweater vests are a must-have clothing item that is both a great layering option in the colder months and gives you some bonus style points. To put an updated flair on the trend, wear your sweater vest with a couple buttons open.


Crochet has made its way from being your grandma's favorite hobby to the latest TikTok trend. Try it in a fringed skirt or, for a more modern take, a beaded bag.


Seen on celebrities like Dua Lipa, clogs have very strong staying power in the coming years. They are especially great in the fall and winter when worn with fun wool socks.

Knee-High Boots

Famous in disco-going outfits, knee-high boots have great versatility when it comes to style. Pair this them with a suede dress, skirt, or your favorite blue jeans for a show-stopping look.

Silk Scarves

Worn around your waist to add texture or around your head for a chic Parisian look, silk scarves are a must have for ‘70s-inspired fashion. Not to mention, a square silk scarf is a low commitment for any outfit but can really add flair.

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