7 Scary Beauty Ingredients to Cut From Your Routine ASAP

Hitting refresh is apropos at the opening of a new year. You’ve likely started a cleanse of some sort, capitalized on a Spin package before it expired, and basically just focused on creating a better you. So why not apply that same ethos to your 2016 beauty regimen? To help kick bad beauty habits, you need to start (and shop) smart, and to do that, there’s Beautycounter. The L.A.-based brand has an unparalleled Ingredient Selection Process that ensures its products work beautifully without compromising safety, meaning you get top ingredients, minus the scary stuff. Which names should you stay away from? Use Beautycounter’s Never List as your foolproof guide to avoid the ingredients that give beauty a bad rap.

Keep reading for seven common ingredients to watch out for, and the Beautycounter products that are better (and safer) bets. Don’t forget to enter the sweepstakes at the end for a chance to win a $500 Beautycounter shopping spree!