How to Wear 1960's Hair in 2020

From Jackie Kennedy to Sharon Tate-inspired styles.

1960s hairstyles


The sixties was a magical time when it comes to style. Just picture it: Jackie Kennedy, Brigitte Bardot, and Sharon Tate were in their prime, discovering and setting beauty milestones we still live by today. While their makeup choices were certainly notable, it's their hair that has our attention in 2020. To make our case, we've rounded up 25 '60s-inspired hairstyles worth weaving into your routine in 2020.

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Smooth & Voluminous

We don't know about you, but we can't wait to copy Swedish actress and singer Britt Ekland's 1969 'do, like, ASAP. The middle part, bouffant crown, and smooth lengths make for an ethereal style that looks as dreamy now as it did back then. When recreating the look, just be sure to use an anti-frizz spray and light-hold hairspray to lock the semi-sleek style in place.

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Classic Beehive

The higher the hair, the closer to heaven, right? That was the mindset in the 60's when beehives made their way into the mainstream. With a heavily-coiffed crown and smooth front layers pulled around to the back that always looked perfectly tailored, this style became a mainstay in the beauty routines of women worldwide.

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Vidal Sassoon Pixie Cut

Short hair became a go-to in the 60's. One such style was the Vidal Sassoon pixie, which was created by British hairstylist, Vidal Sassoon. It featured geometric edges that, while super out-there for the time, became a hit all over the world. Once Mia Farrow rocked the style, it was a spiral of everyone and their mother wanting to do the same. And thus, the demand for short, chic hairstyles began.

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The Bombshell

Sharon Tate in 1966.

Bettmann / Contributor / Getty Images

The late Sharon Tate proved that heavily-styled strands weren't a must. Instead, you could rock loose, free-flowing curls and make just as big of an impact. The trick, of course, is to use a strong-hold hairspray that will keep your loose curls from falling flat.

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Brigitte Bardot Updo

Bombshell Brigitte Bardot was known for her perfectly-coiffed curls that almost always sat neatly atop her head. She wore the style with face-framing layers so that her bangs cascaded around her face for an even more angelic finish. The result was part playful, part pin-up bombshell.

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The Hollywood Flipped Bob

Jane Fonda in 1962.

Silver Screen Collection / Contributor / Getty Images

Jane Fonda flaunted another short style that quickly caught on to the mainstream. Enter: the Hollywood Flipped Bob. It featured subtle waves from the part to sharp, upturned ends. Here, the actress is shown wearing the cut in 1962, though it remained popular throughout the entire decade.

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The Loose Beehive

Portrait of Raquel Welch in 1960

 Herbert Dorfman / Contributor / Getty Images

Raquel Welch was the epitome of jaw-dropping beauty in the 60's. Here, she's seen wearing a loose beehive with face-framing tendrils. The height of the style is what made it so notable, and to keep the oomph alive, it required more than a little hairspray. Fortunately, if you were to recreate this look today, hairspray formulas are much more evolved and can ensure a long-lasting style all day (and night) long.

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Vintage Updo

This smooth, rolling updo was popular for its smooth texture and versatile nature. It featured the height of a beehive and the allure of curls, making it a more feminine take on the high-as-heaven 'do. The retro flair has been seen on Hollywood red carpets and in vintage-inspired pin-ups, proving its a classic style you simply can't go wrong with.

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Half-Up Brigitte Bardot

Brigitte Bardot was responsible for making the beehive famous in all its forms—from fully done-updos to half-up styles. She was even known to work in an accessory every now and again. Here, one of her signature styles has been recreated with a slim black bow and loosely-crimped mids and ends. To say we're obsessed is an understatement.

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The First Lady Flipped Bob

Jacqueline Kennedy at her Georgetown home in August 1960.


Bettmann / Contributor / Getty Images 

Just like the Hollywood flipped bob, first lady Jackie O's short flounce inspired swarms of women to head to the salon. Her flipped bob was just a tad longer than Jane Fonda's, though both embraced the same idea: Smooth strands coiffed with extra volume at the crown and surrounding the temples. The result was nothing short of demure and continues to inspire women looking for a tailored style (just look at Nest Fragrances founder Laura Slatkin).

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Aretha Franklin Tribute

Aretha Franklin's flipped bob further inspired women everywhere to opt for a semi-short style—only she urged them to add an accessory to the mix. This is particularly great for present-day inspo, considering, as we all know by now, headbands are back and bigger than ever.

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The Bombshell Beehive

American actress Raquel Welch, circa 1965.

 Silver Screen Collection / Contributor / Getty Images

Raquel Welch evolved past her loose beehive and elevated it toward a curly one. Here, she's shown rocking the sky-high style in 1965. With perfectly curled accents and soft wispy side bangs, it's dreamy, to say the least.

The trick to creating the look is to use hot rollers or wide-barrel (2" or more) irons and lock the look in place with a strong-hold hairspray.

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Big, Bouncy Ponytails

Brigitte Bardot is back at it again with a big bow to boot. The sultry actress made a case for high, flouncy ponytails that looked effortlessly put-together. Here, she's shown flaunting the look with curtain bangs and a coifed crown for added volume. To recreate the look, pull your ponytail up after teasing the hair at the crown of your head, then use the tail end of a rat-tail comb to gently pull the crown of your ponytail for a more lived-in look. Curl your ponytail, pull out a few face-framing wisps, and finish with hairspray.

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Bangs and Length

With so many curls and updos, you may have thought that straight strands didn't have a place in the 60's, but think again. Straight, seemingly-air-dried strands were an effortless fashion statement. Pair them with heavy bangs and even better. Nowadays, with long hair being such a staple, it's super simple to recreate this look.

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Half-Up Middle Part

This half-up bouffant was seen on every corner in the 1960's. It was simple and stylish and looked totally put together. Best of all, it's a fairly easy style to bring to life, which made it accessible for anyone and everyone.

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High Flipped-Under Pony

American actress and sex symbol Raquel Welch in 1965.

 Archive Photos / Stringer / Getty Images

Just like the flipped-out bob was a hit, so was the flipped-under pony—just look at Raquel Welch, shown here in 1965. While it first became famous in the 60s, nowadays you've likely seen celebrity hairstylist Justine Marjan recreate the look on a number of models, influencers, and celebs, like Dorit Kemsley.

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Vintage Volume

The 60's were also a time when pulling your bangs back first became a thing. While pulled-back bangs were more recently popular in the 00's, the 60's rocked the look in a more stylish way, pairing the poof with ultra-voluminous mids and ends, as opposed to super-straight lengths. The result is nothing short of glamorous.

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Diana Ross Afro

In 1968, Diana Ross popularized the afro. The style was (and still is) characterized by natural lengths coiffed upwards and outwards, often using gel, cream, or hairspray to help hold it in place. After Miss Ross rocked the style, it exploded in the 70's, becoming one of, if not the, most popular natural styles.

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Floral Fever

While you might not consider wearing flowers in your hair every single day, this style worn by English model and actress Jean Shrimpton in 1965 is worth considering for your next festival. Unlike a flower crown, the voluminous style weaves the blooms directly into your tresses for a born-of-nature beauty that can't be beaten.

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Mop Top

The Beatles might have brought the mop top to the forefront, but it soon translated to female styles, as well. The messy bowl cut focused volume to the top and crown of the head, with slightly uneven ends for a less uniform end look. It was messy-chic and continues to be a request in modern-day salons.

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Side-Swept Bombshell Bangs

Model Jean Shrimpton in 1965.

 Hulton Deutsch / Contributor / Getty Images

Jean Shrimpton showcased another hairstyle that boomed in the 60's: side-swept bombshell bangs. The flowing, voluminous style is popular to this day, and, from the looks of it, inspired more than a few Victoria's Secret model shoots.

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60s Flip

By now it's clear that flipped-out and flipped-under styles were a staple of the 60's. Add hair clips to the mix and you have yourself another style that was worn endlessly in the 60's. Given the accessories craze and sleek obsession in 2019, it's only a matter of time before this trendy style makes its way to 2020.

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Flipped-Under Bob

This mod hairstyle reversed the popular flipped-out bob and focused the volume inward. By flipping ends under, you can create a fuller-looking head of hair. Additionally, unlike its flipped-out counterpart, flipped-under bobs featured smoothed mids and ends, rarely, if ever, waves or curls.

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Pigtails and Curtain Bangs

Midway through the 60's, Brigitte Bardot introduced playful pigtails into the mix. She wrapped bows around each section of hair to add an even more feminine take on the carefree style. Paired with curtain bangs, it was nothing short of youthful and fun.

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Headband Accents

Headbands might be huge now, but we owe it to Brigitte Bardot for cementing them as a style statement in the 60's. Her padded headband went on to inspire the very ones we can't stop swooning over more than 50 years later. Talk about iconic.

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