6 Matching Outfits For All Your Favorite People

Matching has never been more fun.

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Do you remember the fun of playing dress up with your friends? The goal? To match with your best friend of course. Luckily, MeUndies, the subscription-based underwear, swim, and loungewear company — has apparel that teaches us that we’re never too old to twin with our best friend or partner. 

From underwear, socks, robes, masks, joggers, hoodies, tees, and a plethora of more items, the brand has corresponding outfits that you and your circle can all get excited about wearing. The amazing thing about these matching outfits is they also work as separates, so the styling possibilities are limitless. 

Their MatchMe program allows you to match underwear with your significant other or anyone else in your close circle.

Whether you want to be sporty, or are often on-the-go — their Breathe Collection will become your go-to for the super stretch and anti-odor fabric. Or if you prefer fashion forward and statement making moments, you might opt for their multiple prints like — Space Jam, coffee cups, beach bird, or plaid. Case in point: there are so many ways to match with your favorite people with MeUndies. 

To prove it, we curated six different options to match with your significant other, work bestie, and so many more. It will make you feel confident, flattered, and ready to seize the day. 

So if you’re in need of a little inspiration, MeUndies has a treasure trove of ideas, ready to be mixed and matched with your favorite companion. Ahead, read on for six unbelievably eye-catching outfits.

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The Significant Other

meundies underwear

There’s something special about rocking a matching outfit with your favorite person, and who more special than your significant other. Matching is a fun (and stylish) way to display your union — even if you’re the only one to see it. 

Each month, MeUndies releases exclusive underwear prints that are playful and fashion-forward, without compromising on comfort. And they aren’t your typical loose-fitting, pills-easy, underwear either. The brand has underwear that stays in place all day, avoids bunching, and is softer-than-soft across all its fabric collections. Our personal favorite? MeUndies cotton hipster. 

And if hipsters aren't your thing, they have many other options, seven to be exact. To find your perfect matching pair: First, choose your favorite underwear style: hipster, cheeky brief, thong, boxers, and more. Next, select your size and repeat steps for your partner. It will then populate loads of prints for you both to choose from. 

Matching undies is a fun way to connect, change things up, or impress your partner. They are also a great long-distance relationship gift, for those that are separated by physical distance, as it makes you still feel a connection.

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The Accountability Partner

meundies socks

Although MeUndies may have started off with underwear, it’s unique prints and multiple types of socks and joggers prove the company knows a thing or two about great style, regardless of the activity. 

The Breathe Collection is super-stretchy and light-weight and works well for hiking, camping, or both! We like to wear this collection while working from home and running errands as well, it’s just that comfortable! The socks - whether ankle or crew — have a thin elastic band to prevent sagging and a silicone grip on the heel to prevent slip, great for gym meetups or walks around the neighborhood. 

The best part? It doesn’t have to be a one-time matching moment. You can sign up for a subscription and have matching pairs (undies + socks) delivered to you both every month. Plus, members can save up to 30% on each order, get early access to new styles, and can skip or cancel at any time.

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The Caffeine-Fiend Twin

meundies mask

We all have that coworker who quickly becomes a friend, that we go to for all our challenging and exciting moments. And if you’re like us, we mainly do this over a cup of coffee. Celebrate your special friendship with a matching mask and shorts. 

Modal shorts let you stay on trend with it’s relaxed fit, adjustable drawstrings and pockets for all your essentials. You’ll never lose your keys or wallet again!

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The Furbaby

meundies buddy bands

We’d be hard pressed to find a pet owner who doesn’t absolutely adore their furbaby. But why not take it up a level and twin with your small bundle of joy? Show off your dog at the local dog park, or cat at the next party, with MeUndies buddybands

These cute and ultra-soft bandanas are available for all animals and come in 45 different prints. With it, your furry BFF might just become the most stylish better half.

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The Squad

meundies onesie

A matching onesie is great for Zoom hangouts, sleepovers, squad-night ins, weekend trips, you name it. MeUndie onesies feature tapered cuffed legs, hood with a drawstring (in case you decide to take the fun outside in the crisp air), and a glorious relaxed fit. 

Plus, the different prints give you the option to match the entire squad or do multiple sets of matching — the choice is completely yours. It truly is the perfect one-and-done item.

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The Frequent Flyer Friend

meundies joggers

We are big fans of comfort, especially on travel days. Where some brands focus solely on comfortable fabrics, MeUndies considers style as well. 

When packing efficiently, you’ll want to have separates that are stretchy, breathable and cozy in your carry-on. And what is more fun than matching with an in-room robe or a joggers and a hoodie set that can double as an indoor or outdoor vacation staple. 

Grown from trees, MeUndies' MicroModal features sustainably-sourced beechwood fibers, spun into a yarn to create a softer-than-soft fabric. While on holiday, your travel buddy and you can enjoy matching sets that are breathable, cozy, and oh-so-vacation-friendly.

Regardless of who you choose to twin, or what activity you embark on, MeUndies has the matching sets to delight.