The 5-Minute Ab Workout You Can Do in Your Kitchen

Fall is a time where we normally care just a little bit less about our abs—praise the end of swimsuit season and enter the layered wardrobe. But with Halloween right around the corner and all those body-con costume options, it doesn’t hurt to whip our core into shape before a zillion photos are snapped and plastered on Instagram.

Luckily, Jacqueline Kasen, body architect at Anatomy at 1220 in Miami, has a five-minute ab solution to get you skintight-costume ready in no time. Um—why have we not been doing this our whole lives? Ah, it’s really difficult; that’s why. That said, if we can handle waxes, we can get through just about any painful experience in the name of beauty. Especially if it only takes a few minutes.

Kasen explains how it's possible for this to work effectively so quickly, sharing, “Each exercise takes roughly between 20 to 30 seconds. Your core is the main muscle group being focused, but your entire body is working, and your shoulders are being activated. Your core is completely used throughout, especially your transversus abdominis and your obliques.”

Keep scrolling for Kasen’s five-minute ab workout and for YouTube links for each move.

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Knee Tucks (15x)

Get into a full-body plank position and place each foot on a dish towel. Slide both knees into the chest while maintaining a flat back and without sitting down on your heels (that may bother your knees).

Legs In and Out (15x)

Get into a full-body plank position and place each foot on a dish towel. Keep both legs straight and slide them in and out. Make sure you don't drop your hips while sliding out. 

Mountain Climbers (20x)

Get into a full-body plank position and place each foot on a dish towel. Bring your knees into your chest, alternating one leg at a time. You may want to perform this exercise in particular as quickly as possible.

Alternating Forearm Extensions (10x)

Get into a modified plank position. In this position, the dish towels will be under each forearm and elbow. Start off sliding one arm at a time, extending all the way out until it's straight, as you lower your body to the ground (without touching the ground itself). As you slide your arm back in, raise your body back up to a modified plank; then alternate to the next arm and repeat the movement.

How do you feel about an intense workout if it only takes five minutes? Would you try Kasen’s plank workout in a pinch? Sound off below!

Opening Image: Free People