38 Nail Designs For the 4th of July, Beyond Your Basic Stars and Stripes

4th of July nail polish

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If you're like us, you'll take any excuse you can get to get a little festive with your nails. While Christmas, New Year's, and Valentine's Day are often thought of first when it comes to holiday manicures, the summer-lovers that we are can't resist an Independence Day mani. If you feel the same, it's time you peruse our favorite nail designs for the 4th of July. Whether you fancy French tips, abstract ideas, or loads of dots, you'll find an option worth copying, below.

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Gold Star Appliques

Light pink manicure with gold stars


Shine bright with these pink nails featuring gold stars, which feel celebratory long after the holiday is over.

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Petite Popsicles

Blue and white manicure with red/white/blue popsicle accent nails


What's more American than accent nails dotted with tiny red, white, and blue popsicles?

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Baby Blue Stars

We love the softness of these subtle stars, which look as great under a blue sky as they do when you're watching fireworks.

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Red and Blue French

Double-layered French manicure with red and pale blue tips


Double up your French design with red and baby blue for a minimalist mani that pairs especially well with white outfits.

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Floral Fireworks

Red manicure with white detailed flower designs


We love how this floral manicure gives off firework vibes at the same time.

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Slanted French

Blue and white diagonal divided manicure


This simple yet incredibly chic design is sure to turn heads, whether you're having a backyard celebration or spending the day in the city.

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Coral Cuties

White manicure with pale blue and coral flower design


Prefer coral tones? Consider this boho take on red, white, and blue nails.

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Bronze With Stars

Bronze manicure with white star designs


There's no better time for summer metallics than the fourth of July, when you're standing under glittering fireworks galore.

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Patriotic Love

Pale blue manicure with red and blue heart and dot designs


A periwinkle base is the perfect backdrop for tiny pink, red, and navy hearts.

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Red, White, and Blue Tie-Dye

Red, white, and blue tie-dye negative space nails


How pretty are these patriotic water-marble nails? Learn how to create your own with our water-marble tutorial.

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Negative Space Stars

Prefer to stick to just one patriotic color? Navy blue is a stunning choice, and we love how this mani features star accent nails against a bare background.

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Minimalist Moment

Negative space manicure with red base and pale blue faux stiletto tip


Rocking patriotic nails doesn't have to be over the top. These negative space standouts prove that.

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Abstract Patriotism

Red and blue manicure with abstract design accent nails


If stars and stripes aren't quite your thing but you still want to wear a festive nail look, consider this coral and teal alternative.

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Dots a Plenty

Cobalt blue manicure with red and white dots


Looking for a bolder nail look? This dotted, negative-space manicure will do the trick.

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Stripes and Space

Negative space manicure with bright red and pastel blue diagonal stripes


You can rock a patriotic manicure without dousing your nails in white. Simply opt for a negative-space design like this striped option.

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Pretty Patterns

Red/blue tile manicure with white accent nails


A patriotic manicure doesn't have to be confined to stars and stripes. Here, nail artist Amy Tran uses an intricate, tile-like design to get the colors across.

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Red, White, and Blue Stars

Nude nails with red, white, and blue stars


Don't want to fully paint your nails? A negative-space star design will be right up your alley.

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No Red, No Blue

Solid white manicure


If you want to keep it simple, go for an all-white look—it fits right in with whatever you're wearing and is a classic look for all summer long.

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Turquoise Swap

Minty turquoise, red, and white nails with star and stripe accents


You can flaunt a patriotic nail look without royal blue. Take a peek at this turquoise swap if you don't believe us.

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Peach Stars

Peach nails with white star stickers


Stars automatically have a patriotic feel, so you can pick whatever color you want for your Fourth of July manicure. We love the summery vibes of this peach tone.

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Navy and Red

Negative space manicure with navy top half and red center stripe


Navy tips lined by negative space and thin red lines make for a modern French design we can't take our eyes off of.

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Red Outlines

Sheer white manicure with red side curve design


Sometimes putting forth a patriotic beauty statement is as simple as a swipe of red polish on each nail paired casually with your favorite vintage blue jeans and a plain white tee.

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Red Lines

Sheer white manicure with red horizontal line design


Speaking of simple red manis, this lightly lined version will show off your tips.

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Blue Details

White manicure with blue side curve design


On the opposite end of the spectrum, you can stick to blue on your nails and pair it with a bold red lip for a fully patriotic look.

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Pastel Blue with Red Accents

Pastel blue nails with red base accents


Prefer pastel to royal blue? This geometric manicure will fit your fancy.

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Red and White Swoosh

Negative space manicure with red top half and right central curving line


If you prefer a festive Fourth of July nail look that's just as stylish after the celebrations are over, look no further than this simple squiggle mani.

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Blue and Gold

Negative space manicure with blue and gold chevron tips


This negative space nail look makes us think of Wonder Woman. Pair it with a red dress or jumpsuit for a festive OOTD.

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Geometric Layers

Negative space manicure with pale blue tips and red side triangle


Who knew two colorful triangles layered over top of each other could make for such a head-turning red, white, and blue nail look?

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Baby Blue and Red

Red manicure with baby blue crescent design


We love this high-contrast red-and-blue nail look. To recreate it yourself, use striping tape and the polishes of your choice.

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Red and White Gingham

Red and white gingham pattern manicure


Give a nod to retro Americana with this red-and-white gingham mani. Pair it with denim or a little blue dress for a fully festive ensemble.

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Red, Taupe, and Blue

Red, taupe, and blue varied-stripe manicure


Not one for white? Swap it out for taupe polish and you'll be able to create your own take on a patriotic nail look.

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Delicate Dots

Nude manicure with red, white, and blue dotted design


This neutral mani gives us major beachy vibes, complete with tiny red, white, and blue dots.

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Stars Galore

Nude nails with red, white, and blue stars


Start with a nude base and accessorize it with red, white, and blue stars. It's admittedly easier said than done, so you might want to use a stencil.

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Decorated Cuticles

Instead of getting fancy on your tips, consider tracing lines and stars along your cuticles. Or, more realistically, ask your manicurist to do so.

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Pool Floats

blue manicure with red and white pool float designs


One look at these pool-float nails and we're dreaming of summer and the Fourth of July.

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Artistic Layers

Red manicure with blue, white, and peach artistic layering accents


Can't quite decide how you want to wear red, white, and blue polish? This abstract design offers an artistic option.

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Three-Toned Blue

Negative space nails with blue-toned tips, cuticles, and central lines


A double French mani done up in blue? Paired with a bold red lip, this manicure is a stylish addition to any Independence Day beauty look.

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Blue French

Red short manicure with navy blue French tips


A red and blue French manicure is the perfect choice for the festive minimalist.

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