This Black-Owned Haircare Brand Is Entirely Dedicated to Products for 4C Hair

4C Hair

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Finding the perfect product for thick and curly hair isn’t always an easy feat—especially if you are a member of the 4C tribe. Deemed the tightest coiled tresses on the curly hair spectrum; while having 4C hair comes with many perks, struggles with lack of moisture and fragile strands can leave you feeling seriously stressed. Don’t even get us started about the headache (sometimes literally!) that comes from the detangling on wash day. 

Seemingly answering the prayers of many, 4C ONLY has announced the upcoming launch of its haircare products created solely for those adorning these eye-catching curls. In fact, all the information you need is in the name.

Created to remove the guesswork out of caring for naturally thick hair, the Black-owned company prides itself in having products that nourish and hydrate every zigzag and coil. The results? Thick, juicy, and soft tresses! 

"I know first-hand the troubles of trying to find the right product that will properly hydrate my 4C hair," says Alicia Ferguson, 4C ONLY Chief Marketing Officer. “[Some] products claim to work for all hair types, and the reality is that they really don’t. We created 4C ONLY as a brand that targets one specific texture which tends to not get proper care and products it needs.”

Launching with its Too Easy Collection ($80)—available to shop today—the brand that boasts having products dedicated solely to 4C hair has been formulated with everything you need to show off your natural hair pride. 

Included in the collection is an aloe vera leaf and argan oil-infused shampoo that is ideal for extra moisture, organic grape seed oil and squalene formulated deep conditioner to make detangling a breeze, and a long-lasting leave-in conditioner that doubles as a heat protectant.

We are most excited about trying their Too Slick Styling Cream, which is made with a blend of natural organic oils to penetrate the hair shaft and strengthen strands. What’s most intriguing is that the smoothing product features carnauba wax—the same ingredient that adds a glow to your fruit—for extra shine. 

4C Only Too Easy Collection
4C Only Too Easy Collection $80

Be amongst the first to get your hands on the new drop available exclusively on the 4C ONLY website.

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