Summer's Coolest Nail Trend Is the "Pool Drip" Mani

Dew isn't just for skin.



Summer beauty looks are all about leaning into the heat and humidity. Think slicked-back hair, glossy lips, and glowing skin. But, embracing the warmer months doesn't have to end with your hair and makeup—we've spotted a nail trend that's just as fresh and dewy as your glass skin highlighter.

A crop of 3D "Pool Mani" looks that mimic water droplets, reflecting pools, and waves are popping up everywhere thanks to the influence of Lil Nas X's nail artist Sojin Oh. These aquatic-textured looks are the coolest way to add some depth to your latest manicure; imagine condensation on an icy drink, splashes from the pool, or a window after a summer rain. In short, a complete vacation vibe.

Read on for a few of our favorite takes on the trend, inspiration, and tips on how to try your own pool-inspired mani.

The Trend

The "just dipped in the pool" look, is categorized by the clear textured droplets on the surface. "This trend has been around for six months to a year in South Korea," manicurist Julie Kandalec explains, "Deep texture on nails is having a major moment there now, and I’m so glad to see that it’s making its way west!" Like any trend, there's more than one way to make it your own.

Clear and Dripping

Clear nails make the perfect base for the watery look, model Stacey Louidor drew inspiration from Sojin Oh and Karen Jimenez, for this abstract design.

Long and Dewy

No color needed for this marine moment. Jimenez added the droplet texture to the lengthy clear nails for a glassy, wet look.


Lean into an ocean-inspired design with a sheer blue shade. This one evokes clear blue tropical waters. Beach here we come.

A Subtle Take

If blue isn't your color, try a mani inspired by this short and sweet nude shade. It's a subtle and easy-to-wear nod to the drippy look.

The Artist That Started It All

3D textured nails are pretty much Sojin Oh’s signature look. She’s done water-inspired manis for Lil Nas X and Kim Kardashian and many cite her as the originator for this trend. Embracing water in all its forms, she's even shared a few architectural icy moments.

Get The Look

Now that you're on board, here's how to try out the trend yourself. We tapped nail artist and expert Julie Kandalec for her take. "While these are done by using sculpting gel-but you can re-create the look by looking online for flatback cabochons," she explains. "Etsy is a great place to find these in the 1-4 mm size range." You can also grab an assortment of Acrylic Cabochons ($8) on Amazon.

After you've picked your embellishments, it's time to grab your polish. "Polish the nail in a base color in the same shade as the cabochons, then topcoat the entire nail to get a smooth and shiny finish. Have a safety pin on hand to pop any bubbles that may arise."

If you're looking for another way to try the look, "Chrome over textured gel is a more subtle way to try the trend." Julie explains. Book your mani appointment or try your hand at the trend at home. That's it, your new summer look.

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