This 3D Halloween Manicure Was Made for Stranger Things Fans

Candy corns, spiderwebs, ghosts… In the realm of Halloween-themed nail art, there are definitely a few designs that err on the side of unoriginal. And while October 31 is certainly the day of the year to go all out, we prefer even our most artistic manicures to be fairly subtle—which is why we're seriously feeling this festive tutorial from Piggie Luv.

The blogger crafted up a very cool mani that spookily depicts the three-dimensional silhouette of a skull and bones trying to "break through" your nails—a classically creepy image. Or it could very well be reinterpreted as the Demogorgon pressing the walls of Winona Ryder's house in Stranger Things, if you're looking for topical nail art to complement your Eleven costume. Either way, it looks rad without going overboard—and it's deceptively easy to put together. (You'll just need some gel polish, a tiny paintbrush, and a steady hand.)

Keep reading to watch the full tutorial!