TikTokers Are Using Hot Glue to Create 3D Chrome Eyeliner—Here's How

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A new TikTok beauty hack emerges every day, and the latest one to fill our FYP is 3D chrome makeup. For this trend, TikTokers are creating dynamic, three-dimensional eyeliner using one unusual tool: a hot glue gun (yes, you read that right). Ahead, we break down everything you need to know about the viral hot glue makeup trend.

The Trend

  1. As mentioned, this look requires the use of a hot glue gun. But, don't worry, you're not applying hot glue directly to your face (which you should never do). Instead, draw your desired shape on a stainless steel palette or mirror and let it cool.
  2. Then, rub chrome or metallic eyeshadow onto the shape you created.
  3. To apply your creative hot glue design, swipe lash glue onto the back of it and use tweezers or your fingers to place it on your face.

If you're wondering what type of design to create or where to place your 3D eyeliner, makeup artist and co-founder of Glambook Anastasia Tomchenko has some advice. "It may be easier to get a sense of the overall look by [testing] the style on a printed photo of your face," she says. "To do this, print out a photo of your face on A4 paper and apply the design. This allows you to view it from an external perspective. Afterward, you can transfer the same elements to your face with greater ease and precision."

The Hype

TikTokers like @cutcreaser, @hayleybuix, and @beatsbydeb have helped popularize the hot glue makeup hack. And currently, #hotgluemakeup has gained over 20.5 million views on the app. It's no surprise interest in this look has soared as it combines several trending looks into one—graphic eyeliner, 3D makeup, and chrome details. "I love this trend because [it shows] you can use different things outside of makeup to create such elaborate and amazing looks," TikTok creator @lil.sunrey says.

How to Wear the Trend

The beauty of hot glue eye makeup is that the design possibilities are endless—you can create shapes ranging from butterflies to stars. "In terms of shapes, I really enjoy geometric shapes and lines parallel to your facial features," Tomchenko says. "Shapes like triangles, rectangles, and circles add dimension and depth to any makeup look. Parallel lines, whether drawn on the upper eyelid or below the brow, help to elongate and define the eye shape, giving a dramatic effect."

When it comes to choosing eyeshadow colors, Tomchenko says it's important to choose a color that contrasts with your eyes. "This will create a bold and striking look, making the design stand out," she notes. "For example, if someone has blue eyes, they could use a warm-toned color like orange or red to create a contrasting effect. Of course, it is also fun to use fine glitter or chrome eyeshadow to make it pop even more." Bottom line: Hot glue makeup

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