How to Get Cool-Girl Hair Color Without the Damage

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Aloxxi colors

When it comes to beauty, we’ve always supported breaking the rules. Whether you’re a woman who wears leather cologne or a man who loves makeup, everything is more fun when the traditional playbook is thrown out. So, when we come across a product that takes a choose-your-own-adventure approach and encourages experimentation, we’re all in. 

Aloxxi’s InstaBoost Conditioning Color Masque ($20) is that customizable find for anyone looking to add shine, moisture, and either tonal richness or semi-permanent fashion color to their hair (aka all of us). Use it as a clear shine treatment, a deep-repair mask, an instant eraser for brassiness, a non-damaging aquamarine dye… the list goes on.

Below, our favorite three ways to enhance your existing color with the InstaBoost Conditioning Color Masque, plus pro tips from Aloxxi National Artist Sam LaBella. 

1) Add Clear Shine and Softness
InstaBoost Conditioning Color Masque in Gloss Boss is a clear formula that delivers intense, lasting shine and nourishment for dry or damaged strands—without affecting your natural or salon-given color. LaBella recommends using use it once a week to eliminate product buildup and free radicals, while deeply conditioning. After double-washing with Aloxxi Clarifying Shampoo, distribute Gloss Boss evenly through roots to ends and leave on for 5 to 10 minutes. Rinse and style as usual (using a heat protectant to lock in that shine, of course).

2) Create a Soft Pastel Tone
When it comes to playing with pastel and watercolor hues, blondes really do have more fun. If you have pre-lightened platinum to medium blonde hair, and want to try out a trend that will wash out gently in 10 to 15 washes, try mixing any vibrant InstaBoost shade with Gloss Boss, or even a regular conditioner, for a more muted color. LaBella loves the combination of Gloss Boss and Pink Please to create a soft blush. “It gives clients the freedom to play without worrying they'll forever alter that beautiful blonde,” she says. (Those with darker hair will have better luck adding subtle tint and tone with the deeper formulas, like blue and red.)

3) Adjust Your Tone
With 11 InstaBoost shades (plus the clear Gloss Boss), there are a variety of options for adding depth, dimension, warmth, and coolness to your current color, depending on your mood. Golden Heiress and Hazel-Nuts For You “add richness to otherwise drab natural color,” says LaBella, and Strictly Platinum removes brassiness and unwanted warmth from blonde hair.

Whether you’re using the masque as a post-shampoo conditioning treatment, on dry hair for more intense hue deposit, or mixing any two shades together (LaBella’s choice combos are Purple Reign + Hazel-Nuts For You, Copper Cabana + Golden Heiress, and Strictly Platinum + Pink Please), it’s impossible to go off-course with your color.

Now, check out how three Byrdie contributors personalized their look with the InstaBoost Conditioning Color Masque. 

1) Good as Rose Gold Gives Dirty Blonde Hair a Modern, Metallic Tint

Good as Rose Gold Hair Dye

2) Aquamarine Dream Turns Blondes a Striking Shade of Teal

Aquamarine Hair Dye

3) Copper Cabana Brings Out the Fiery Tones in Natural Redheads

Copper Cabana Dye