I Detoxed My Diet in 3 Days and Lived to Tell the Tale


Niki Csanyi

With trendy new diets cropping up almost daily, separating truth from fiction can feel harder than navigating the kombucha aisle. Can a three-day raw-food diet really help clear your acne? Will chugging a magic shake once a day give you a body like Bella Hadid’s? Will you look like Kim Kardashian after following the low-carb, fat-burning Atkins diet? Probably not, but we’re game to try everything and report on the results. (No need to thank us—we consider it our civic duty.) Which leads us to the topic of detoxing—more specifically, the "anti-detox." Is there a way to reset your body, mind, and metabolism that is just as healthy and sustainable as it is effective?

After a month of full-on treating myself (for me, the cold weather necessitates more than just cuffing), I was feeling bloated, exhausted, and decidedly less glowy than usual. I knew it was time to get it together nutrition-wise, but I wasn't exactly sure where to start. On the same day I vowed to begin a juice cleanse, a fellow editor shed some light on the popular detoxing technique. I believe her exact words were, "Juice cleanses are absolute bogus." And it's not just because it leaves you feeling unsatisfied and cranky, but rather because there's no actual science behind it.

So what to do? I wanted a plan that properly reset my body, mind, and metabolism but wanted it to be healthy (not starving myself) and sustainable (again, not starving myself). I reached out to Farah Fahad, MS, RD, dietitian and founder of The Farah Effect, to get started. She agreed there are few online sources that offer credible and user-friendly information to sustain realistic health goals. We discussed my objective—the anti-detox—to forget about fad-dieting and short-term tricks and create a plan that's genuinely helpful and good for my body. But—and this is a big but—there had to be visible results in just three days. Instant gratification (at least a little bit) is really important for keeping up my willpower. According to Fahad, "Biochemical nutrition is 10% physical and 90% mental." Fahad was quickly on board, and we got started. Keep reading below to see my three-day detox experience.

The Plan

In order to see results as promptly as I was hoping to, Fahad suggested we work on inflammation. We decided to focus on foods and ingredients that work to de-bloat, de-puff, and expel water weight. First on the list was taking a daily turmeric tablet in the morning. Research shows that consuming turmeric can help relieve symptoms of digestive inflammation, among a ton of other ailments.

What are your thoughts on detoxing? Could you survive on this eating plan? Sound off in the comments below, and make sure to read about the six things you should never do for a healthy metabolism.