The 7 Top 2023 Sunglasses Trends We'll Be Seeing Everywhere This Summer

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Blue tinted sunglasses and green double French tip manicure


Warmer weather has finally arrived, which means it's time to break out the shorts, make a statement in a sheer dress, and invest in a fun new pair of shades for all the outdoor adventures to come. While sunglasses' primary purpose is protection and any pair with polarized or UV-blocking lenses will achieve this, there's something about a seasonal eyewear upgrade that makes you instantly feel cool, refreshed, and put-together. As you might expect, the trends in this space align with much of what we're seeing in fashion overall—think Barbiecore, retro inspo, and plenty of color and silhouette play. Learn all about seven of the biggest 2023 sunglasses trends ahead, and get ready to have plenty of summer fun through rose-colored lenses (or any tint you can imagine).

Oversized Frames

If you love nothing more than a giant pair of sunglasses that are as much about the cool factor as their practical purposes, this is your year to shine. While oversized frames briefly took a backseat as tinier, '90s-inspired styles had their moment in the (literal) sun, they're now back and better than ever as part of the early aughts resurgence. Whether your vibe is old Hollywood, Paris Hilton vibes, or something that feels particularly current, go big this summer and embrace whatever variation speaks to you.

Tinted Lenses

Ever wanted to see the world through literal rose-colored glasses, or have another hue in mind? You're in luck, as tinted lenses in all colors of the rainbow are more abundant than ever as a 2023 sunglasses trend. They're perfect for when you're not in the mood for your go-to dark shades or simply want to make a bright statement, and the best part is the array of tints means you can match your sunglasses to any outfit. Keep the color to just the lenses for a subtle statement, or embrace a monochromatic look with frames that match the tint.

Sporty Shades

If Bella Hadid is wearing it, you know it's about to be a trend, and one of her go-to accessories as of late has been sporty sunglasses. Reminiscent of the racks of shades you might come across at a gas station, these retro styles have become the ultimate subversive statement, similar to the dad shoes and cargo skirts that came before them. To embrace your inner model off-duty, choose a statement-making shape or hue, and pair the eyewear with your favorite athleisure or streetwear staples.

Rectangular Frames

Rectangular sunglasses have been popular for a few seasons now, and they're not going away any time soon. This versatile style has a retro feel and looks both nostalgic and modern when you try it in a fresh color, material, or silhouette. You've no doubt seen rectangular frames paired with viral micro-trends as well as on your favorite celebrities, and the look's longevity means there's a version for everyone.

Angular Cat-Eye

The cat-eye is a classic in the world of sunglasses, creating an instantly cool look that works with all sorts of face shapes. And while your first thought is likely of the vintage-inspired styles that are a constant presence, lately more angular shapes have been giving this retro look an update for 2023. So many varieties exist from big and boxy to sharp and skinny, so pick whichever option best fits your face shape and enjoy the sunglasses equivalent to what the Jetsons thought the future might look like.

Barbiecore Pink

Barbiecore is everywhere these days as the world prepares for Greta Gerwig's long-awaited Barbie movie and fashion houses like Valentino continue to embrace hot pink everything, so it's no wonder that the trend has made its way to eyewear. You'll find pink frames in every variation under the sun, plus whimsical silhouettes—think heart shapes and cat-eyes—that you can totally imagine the world's favorite doll wearing. Nothing's more fun than treating getting ready like a fun dress-up session, and completing your outfit with shades like these is sure to make you feel like you are everything (and he's just Ken).

'70s Shades

Still missing Daisy Jones & the Six after the miniseries came to an end last month? I can totally relate, and the good news is that '70s fashion is back in a major way (just look at recent collections from the likes of Gucci), so you can bring your love for the show's aesthetic into your everyday life. If you've been stocking up on bohemian, earth-toned pieces to emulate your favorite band member, complete the look with some '70s sunglasses, which in a lot of ways embody the best of current trends—think oversized frames, warm tints, and lots of classic tortoiseshell.

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