12 Fashion Trends We’re Predicting For 2021

New year, new trends.

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2020 was full of curveballs—and we’re not just talking about fashion. Right when we thought we were served enough surprises; something else would happen. And while we wish we could say the madness won't continue into 2021, we can’t be so sure. 

2021’s fashion trends are looking… unexpected, to say the least. Luckily, after this year, we're ready for anything. After such a tumultuous 2020, we can’t say we’re surprised to see some borderline-wacky trends for 2021—from strappy, cutout tops and dresses to super-super-cropped sweaters and ruffle collars as the new it-accessory. Next year, things are slated to look a bit disjointed but in a fresh, interesting way. It’s a welcome change after the stark minimalism we’ve been seeing for years now. 

The good news? All you need to get a head start on next year’s trends is an open mind. Here are the ones we’re betting on below.

Pleated Skirts With A Twist

Coperni Asymmetric Mini Kilt

Coperni Asymmetric Mini Kilt

From Coperni to Chopova Lowena, new takes on the pleated skirt will be springing up everywhere—we’re calling it now. Pair them with a plain white tee or vintage cardigan for just the right amount of school-uniform vibes. This take from Coperni has a utilitarian flare.

Royal Blue Everything

Simon Miller Blackout Platform

Simon Miller Blackout Platform

It may not be a color you’re used to seeing on your feed, but it surely makes a statement. We’re predicting this color picks up major steam into next year.

The Return of The Beret

Ganni Cotton Knit Beret

Ganni Cotton Knit Beret

We’ll go ahead and blame Emily in Paris for this one because the beret is coming back full-force for 2021. Rather than your typical wool or felt berets, try a crochet style like this one from Ganni, with grommet accents.

Boleros All Around

The Frankie Shop Super Crop Bolero Sweater

The Frankie Shop Super Crop Bolero Sweater

Is it just us, or are cropped sweaters getting… even more cropped? This bolero style is for the bold, but we trust it will still catch on like wildfire. The ultimate layering piece, boleros, are ready to add a little extra oomph to your turtlenecks and button-up shirts.

Sport Glasses

RetroSuperFuture Zed Glasses

Zed Glasses

Get ready for sunglasses to get bolder, bigger, and sportier. The more they look like the glasses they give you at the dentist, the better. Bottega’s leading the charge with this borderline-goggle style.

Patchwork Pop

La Réunion Patchwork Dress

La Réunion Patchwork Dress - Vibrant

There’s no question heckers were everywhere this year, but they’re morphing into patchwork-everything for 2021. And, we’re talking more-is-more with eye-popping colors and printed fabrics. Since the chance of you actually taking up patchwork are slim, leave it to the pros for this one like this gorgeous patchwork dress made from up-cycled fabrics.

Big Collar Energy

La Veste Tartan Bloom Collar 03

La Veste Collar

The collared tops show no sign of slowing, but now the collars are breaking free and standing on their own. Add one to any outfit for an on-trend 2021.

Novelty Hosiery

Maison Oksi Zan Tights

Maison Oksi Tights

Tights are already fun and all, but they’re about to get more fun. A bold, patterned pair adds major impact to any skirt or dress, not to mention the Instagram-worthiness of it all.

Bustier Madness

Gentle Spring Springtime Tapestry Corset

Gentle Spring Corset

The bustier very well may be the top of choice come 2021. Pair it with baggy jeans or even sweatpants (we're here for you) for maximum contrast. Gentle Spring’s special, made-to-order corsets will stay in your wardrobe forever.

Let’s Get Scrappy

Ottolinger Bi-Elastic Strappy Dress

Ottolinger strappy dress

This trend is basically a visual representation of the past year. It’s a bit of a mess, but that’s the look. We’re talking scraps, straps, and strings galore. Two brands to watch? Nensi Dojaka and Ottolinger. 

The Baggier The Better

Matin Wide Leg Pant

Matin Wide Leg Pants

If you follow Sandra H. Sauceda on Instagram, you may have considered sizing up a size or two in all your clothing. Turns out, she’s ahead of the trend, because we’re seeing trousers get baggier and baggier into next year—and we don’t hate it. Look for a wide leg and consider sizing up to get the look.

Puffy Shoes

Proenza Schouler Leather Sandals

Proenza Schouler Leather Sandals

It started with Bottega Veneta, and now designers like Ugo Paulon are creating pillow-shoes out of upcycled materials. Finally—a heels trend that actually looks comfortable. These thick, pillowy straps and details are about to be everywhere in the footwear department. These Proenzas look so comfortable, you may as well be walking on clouds.

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