Byrdie Eco Beauty Awards 2021

Mathilde Bresson

2021 Eco Beauty Awards

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We’ll just come out and say it: Eco beauty is the future of beauty. As such, we've made it our mission for five years (our first annual Eco Beauty Awards was back in 2017) to spotlight brands, people, and products with those standards in mind. Now, Byrdie's 2021 Eco Beauty Award winners—the best in clean, sustainable, eco-conscious beauty—have arrived.

After testing hundreds of products, our editors came together with four clean beauty experts to choose 84 winners—78 products and six leaders in the space—as well as offer insight into our process, set our own definition for "clean," and highlight the importance of nuance, research, and transparency. Settle in, scroll, learn, and discover a new favorite.

Meet The Guest Judges

Get to know the four clean beauty experts who helped select our winners.