These Are the 6 Nail Trends Taking Over 2019

Retro style woman with red nails with minimalist detail on face

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Nail color trends are constantly changing, as those in the industry (both behind the scenes and in front of the camera) find inspiration in all sorts of places. Nail art, of course, has been around for a while and classics like nude, red, off-white manicures have vacillated in and out of vogue. But this year feels different. No longer do I want my nails to just blend in. Fearlessness is the vibe this time around. For 2019, the industry is looking towards more artistic, opulent, jewelry-inspired looks—with both a minimalist and maximalist lens. 

To find out all the deets, I reached out to a few of my favorite editorial and celebrity manicurists on Instagram. The ones who create the coolest, most lust-worthy nails for runway shows and everyday looks alike. There's wire accessories, slime-colored neons, revisited classics, and even adornments for your fingers rather than just your nails. Excited? Us too. Below, find their thoughts on the nail trends taking over this year and how to shop them yourself. Keep scrolling for everything you need to know.


"I saw many yellow shades, ranging from pastels to brights, on the runway for SS19 fashion shows," notes Jin Soon Choi, an editorial manicurist and the founder of the JINsoon spas and JINsoon nail lacquer. She continues, "Mellow yellows look best with solid colors or 'fashionably chipped' nail art—like we saw at the Tibi S/S 19 show." We're also into richer yellows, as shown above at the Prada Resort 19. To recreate it, Jin suggests using JINsoon's Tila March Nail Lacquer ($18) in Charme.

Nail Jewelry

Manicurist Park Eunkyung has mastered this style, transforming a mundane manicure into something equal parts opulent and inventive. Here, she uses pearls with a clear gloss to create the look, but you can use any color and practically any charm for your own spin. Celebrity manicurist Mar y Soul agrees: "I view nails as an accessory, whether they're painted in a bold shade, nude shade, or with crystals. I'm talking subdued nail art. It's what I like to call 'nail jewelry'—a neutral color or clear base with floating crystals or pearls." Sounds exquisite to us.

Hand Art

It was only a matter of time before nail art migrated down the fingers to become hand art—a trend spearheaded by many manicurists in the industry, including New York City-based editorial nail artist, Miss Pop. It still feels minimal and chic (perfect for those who shy away from traditional nail art), while adding artistic, light-catching oomph to your hands. According to Soul, you want to make sure the crystals you buy have a flat back, as they're easier to secure properly. She suggests Swarovski's Mini Size Flat Back Crystals.


Slime-colored everything has been taking over Instagram, adding a green neon tinge to just about everything in my feed. For me, one of the most accessible ways to wear the trend is on your nails (especially if a whole lot of color isn't your usual thing). Think highlighters, reflective traffic vests, and all things Nickelodeon for inspiration. Celebrity manicurist Michelle Saunders says all things neon will continue to dominate once warmer weather rolls around as well.

New Classics

"Watermelon and hot reds like Winky, Ardor, and Crush are an emerging trend," says Choi, suggesting finishes that range from opaque to semi-transparent. "These highly versatile shades support see-through nails, moon shapes, color block or side curvy line art designs," she adds.

Wire Accessories

"Nail rings that conform to the perimeter of your nail or cool-shaped studs are very in," says Choi, "especially when used with natural nail polish colors." She continues, "I like this look because of the contrast between the machine age jewels and the muted, earthy nail polish shade."

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