Here Are All the Head-Turning Beauty Looks at the 2019 Grammy Awards

Parked in the middle of award season, the Grammys offer a bit more risk and creative reprieve from the buttoned-up aura you'll find at the Globes and Oscars. Mirroring the wide range of bops, emotional ballads, and power anthems the award show aims to celebrate, artists historically express themselves in showy frocks, accessories, and extravagant hair and makeup that dare strike controversy (remember when Nicki Minaj dressed in a red hooded cloak with a Catholic bishop at her side?). Unlike being casted in a movie to carry out the director's vision, being a musician means creating your own character and showing vulnerability with your personal views and emotions, so while looks of Grammys past may not have always been our favorites, we applaud the artists for staying true to their form.

This year, artists have already made a statement before the red carpet was even rolled out through their actions: Ariana Grande has been vocal about her dissatisfaction with the show, calling out production for stifling her creative process and ultimately pulling out of performing. And Childish Gambino and Kendrick Lamar are addressing the award show's consistent lack of recognition of artists of color by not attending. Given that the Recording Academy added 900 members to their pool of voters to increase diversity, as well as expanded the number of nominees for various categories, we're hoping for more inclusive results this year (and each year hereafter). One thing we can count on for sure is that the guests are going to bring their look A-game, full-stop, and, per usual, we're sharing our favorites below.

We'll be updating this post throughout the night. Keep checking back for updates!