From Fuchsia to Auburn: The 4 2018 Spring Hair Colors To Try

With each changing season comes new skincare products to balance the climate, hair offerings to do the same, and novel outfits that must be scouted. As the season coming up is spring (our favorite one, if we're being honest), it's time for all those things plus a new rebirth of sunny dispositions and warm evening strolls. Nothing puts a bit of a pep in our step like a springtime breeze. That, and a new hair color to match our brand-new mood. 

That's where colorists come in. To find out exactly what shades will be everywhere this season—from your morning commute to practically every scroll on your Instagram—we reached out to a few of our favorites. Below, find the top four hues they're predicting will explode come spring.

So, there you have it. And while we're not saying you have to try any of these four color trends (you do you), we do think you'll have fun doing it. Which shade would you try? Let us know in the comments below.