The Best 1920s-Inspired Makeup Looks to Inspire Your Next Beat

Woman Getting Makeup Applied in a 1920s Style
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Decades past have given us some of the best makeup inspiration of our time, especially the magic and pizzazz that existed during the 1920s. From young and energetic flappers who led the way with their creative costumes and doll-faced beauty looks, to silent cinema that had many transfixed on up and coming movie stars, the '20s have given us the gift that keeps on giving when it comes to modern day makeup looks like dark lips, smoky eyes, defined brows, and a touch of sparkle. While there's so much to take away from this influential decade, creating makeup looks that showcase the best parts about the '20s isn't as difficult as you might think. Ahead, we've compiled a list of 1920s makeup looks that might in fact teleport you right back to a scene you've read from The Great Gatsby.

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Magical 20s Makeup

Take the magic of 1920s makeup and what do you get? A makeup look filled with all the inspiration we need. Thin brows, dark lips, exaggerated lashes, check! Everything looks so beautiful when paired together—What's not to love?

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The Roaring 20s

The brows, the blush, the lips—everything works together here to give us total 20s feels, not to mention the colors together are everything we want to see in a makeup look. Can we just take a moment and acknowledge that gorgeous blush color? To intensify your blush tones, try applying a cream blush first to apples of cheeks and then follow up with a powder formula to set it and enhance the color.

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Modern Day 20s

Take all the great aspects of 1920s makeup (bold lips, precise brows, rosy cheeks) and teleport them to today and this is what happens, a modern-day look that is the perfect nod to the 20s, yet extremely wearable now. Gorgeous skin, eyes, and lips that reflect such a fun time in history for makeup, yet can be worn anywhere today.

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20s Diamond Glam

Everyone wore sparkles galore in the 20s and this makeup look is nothing short of a glistening silver dream reminiscent of diamonds themselves. A defined and structured lip paired with glowing skin adds just the right components to tie it all together. For the silver eyes, swipe Lorac Lux Diamond Creme Shadow in Cashmere ($22) on the lids.

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Doll Faced Beauty

With cheeks and lips that are beautifully flushed and lashes that create a wing-like effect, this makeup is reminiscent of a doll from the 1920s that is modernized in the best way possible.

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Great Gatsby Vibes

Smoky eyes and deep berry lips are giving us all the Great Gatsby vibes and feels, the drama is in all the right places with this makeup look that teleports us back to the 1920's instantly. To re-create a dark lip like this one here, try Patrick Ta Beauty Lipstick in shade She Must Be New ($32).

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Abstract 20s

The eyes and lips have it all here, classic winged liner turned abstract shows us how trends have evolved over time since the 20s, yet the lip color reminds us classic looks never go out of style no matter how much time has passed. Practice wearing eyeliner in different styles until you find the one you really love, the options are endless.

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Flapper Pearls

Pearls were a staple of the 1920s amongst the most gorgeous of flappers, this inspirational makeup look uses pearls on the eyes that would have so fit in during the 20s, don't you think? Eyelash glue can double as the perfect solvent to keep pearls glued to the skin.

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Shimmy and Shimmer

The highlighter on this look makes us want to dance the shimmy and never stop. Cheekbones are accentuated, the skin is glowing, and we are ready to dance the night away in a burlesque club. For shimmering cheeks, try this Nars powder highlighter shade Albatross ($38).

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1920s Gorgeous Glam

Deep lips and crushed pearlescent highlights showcase two popular trends of 20s makeup that we cannot stop looking at. The elegance of this look makes us want to celebrate all night, 1920s style. To get this stunning purple lip, apply Danessa Myricks Beauty ColorFix 24-Hour Cream Color Metallic in shade Wild Orchid ($18).

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1920's Art

Artistically brilliant, this look combines the power of color with the distinct trends that soared in the 1920s, we are obsessed with the Marlene Dietrich eyebrows and tiny shaped lips, along with the whimsical color choices used on the eyes. To re-create this shadow look, you can be as creative as you'd like with whatever different colors you have in your palettes at home.

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Smoky 1920s Dreams

After seeing these smoky eyes we're inspired to step up our game and create something similar, reminiscent of 1920s makeup that showcased sultry and glamorous eyes. The dark purple tones are a celebrated change from classic black and brown smoky looks.

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20s Retro Wings

Eyeliner was a staple in 1920s makeup and since then not much has changed. A dramatic wing like this one pictured here pairs well with anything—it's not like we need to give you any more excuses to try it out for yourself. Don't let winged eyeliner intimidate you, finding one with a precisely pointed tip will help you create the shape you want with practice.

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20s Modern Twist

A modern twist on makeup from the 1920s, this look encapsulates the best of everything from the eyeshadow right down to the lip color. Boldly defined eyebrows and contoured, sculpted cheeks bring this look to life—we can't stop staring.

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