Watch 103 Years of Edgy Hairstyles in 2 Minutes

Which haircuts would you classify as "extreme" or "edgy" today? A Ruth Bell–inspired buzz, perhaps? A punk-rock undercut? Opalescent pastel colors? 

Half a century ago, it was the beehive. Decades before that, something called "victory rolls" were the new and now. And at the turn of the 20th century, Gibson Girls began to challenge social norms with their amped-up updos—something that we'd consider positively quaint today.

In the same vein as the "100 years of beauty" videos that continue their domination on YouTube, Vanity Fair just realized a visual retrospective on extreme hair in America over the past century. And it's downright mesmerizing to see the progression from '20s scenesters to James Dean pompadours to the birth of punk in the '70s… right down to our favorite envelope-pushing hairdos of today. We have to warn you, though—watching this might just inspire you to make some bold decisions of your own. (Our advice? Go with it.)

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