This Spellbinding Video Shows 100 Years of Nail Styles



We're suckers for nostalgia here on the internet, especially when it comes to beauty. (The Byrdie editors were reflecting on the evolution of our own personal styles just today! Oh, the bangs.)

Mode Studios is serving up a particularly amusing #TBT today with its "100 Years of Nail Styles" video below. In the two-minute video, we get to see the evolution of nail art, from the minimal tips of the early 20th century today's Instagram-ready designs. (Spoiler: The '70s and '90s had the BEST nails.)

Mode Studios's "100 Years" series has shown us the evolutions of lingerie, wedding gowns, workout apparel, and more. But we beauty lovers are especially excited about this newest video. 

Check out the 100-year evolution of nail styles in the video below!