How to Fix Your Dry, Brittle Strands Without Leaving Your House

Dry hair is a beauty issue that's hard to remedy. There aren't many quick fixes. Instead, healthy hair requires a consistent routine filled with nutrient- and moisture-rich ingredients. But that doesn't mean you need to book an appointment with your stylist every single time you find a split end (or 10) hiding among your strands. In fact, there is a varied and diverse set of treatments and products you can use to boost your hair's health and hydration at home—no salon visit necessary. Coconut oil is perhaps the most popular and obvious of these, but we promise this list is much more comprehensive than that.

It's all thanks to four expert stylists. They shared their favorite at-home treatments and products that have the most fast-acting, effective, and long-lasting results. Then we even followed suit by tossing in a few of our own go-to hydrating habits. We figured it's the more the merrier, right? Especially when it comes to bolstering your hair routine against the cold and drying winds of winter.