This Breathing Technique Will De-Stress You in Under a Minute


Live the Process

We’ve all heard by now that meditation can do wonders for the mind and body; research even shows it works as a powerful emotional pain reliever. But carving out time to devote to regular practice can be challenging. So we were thrilled to hear Gabby Bernstein, life coach, author of Spirit Junkie: A Radical Road to Self-Love and Miracles ($8), and Philosophy’s new wellness ambassador share her tips to unwind.

While most of Gabby’s suggestions seem straightforward enough—take a me break, laugh more, talk less and listen more, etc.—we realize it can be difficult to hit pause on our troubles to enjoy the moment and even harder to take a time-out when we feel heated. But what if we could do all of that in less than 60 seconds? Yeah, sounds pretty doable to us, too.

According to Gabby, mind and wellness are connected to our breath. "One thing you can do is just breathe, right?" she says. "When we’re stressed out, we’re not breathing. Simply giving yourself a breath can help. One tool I often teach is the one-minute breath, which is breathing in for a count of five, holding it for a count of five, then releasing it for a count of five. It gets you back into deep belly breaths that return you to center. I use this all day long; it’s a great tool to return to a sense of calm."

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Do you meditate? Share what helps your practice in the comments.