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Rihanna for M.A.C.'s RiRi Woo Has Stolen My Heart

Turns out, the best red lipstick on the market is made by a celebrity.
Rihanna for M.A.C.'s RiRi Woo Has Stolen My Heart

There are those who value a celebrity’s name scrawled across their beauty products and those who run the other way. Regardless of where you land on the star-loving spectrum, listen up: Rihanna for M.A.C.’s Lipstick ($15) in RiRi Woo is the best matte red I’ve ever used.

The brand’s Ruby Woo is beloved by celebs, makeup artists, and mere mortals for its powdery pigment that flatters almost every skin tone—but RiRi Woo somehow tops even that. I won’t lie, matte lipstick is never easy to apply, but this one’s not particularly tough either. And once it’s on, the super dry pigment—it’s a blue red—isn’t going anywhere. I’ve been stopped by women on the street, Barneys shopgirls, a makeup artist, and even an actress—all of whom wanted to know exactly which red I’m wearing.

So while not everyone can rock Rihanna’s eclectic collection for River Island, anyone can wear her red. Snap it up now! Like so many of the best things, it’s limited edition.

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