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Which Editor's Wearing What Nail Polish This Week

From Lucky's new editor-in-chief to Elle's beauty director, we asked a handful of editors to send us selfies of whatever nail polish they're rocking this week.
  • Which Editor's Wearing What Nail Polish This Week
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  • Cheryl Wischover
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    Cheryl wears Jin Soon's new collection for Tibi ($18) in Jasper underneath Jin Soon x Tibi Matte Top Coat ($18). 

  • Emily Dougherty
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    Emily says, "I love any glitter in a pseudo-skintone shade over a bare nail (skip base coat), so that it looks like nails are just buffed to a shine until you catch them at a certain angle." This week she's wearing Zoya's Nail Polish ($8) in Chloe.

  • Amber Kallor
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    Thanks to an event in New York this week celebrating Jin Soon's new Tibi collection,'s new senior beauty editor is also wearing one of the new shades: Obsidian ($18). 

  • Erin Flaherty
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    Erin's picked a classic cherry red, like OPI's Nail Polish ($9) in Big Apple Red.

  • Sophia Panych
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    Sophia's found the perfect shade of rose gold: Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Gold Roses from the brand's collaboration with Rodarte (it hits shelves next month).

  • Eva Chen
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    Eva wear's RGB's Nail Polish ($18) in Pool, "hastily applied in four minutes this morning!"

  • Joyann King
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    Joyann's sporting an ombré french manicure from Valley Nails in New York. "It's breathable and natural, but will last me through Labor Day," she says of the gel finish. "After that, I plan to switch to Essie's new Vested Interest ($8) for fashion week!"

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