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The Powder, Lipstick, & Mascara Julianne Hough Swears By

We Peek Inside the Safe Haven Star's Makeup Bag!
  • The Powder, Lipstick, & Mascara Julianne Hough Swears By
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  • Clear is Key
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    Practicality is paramount for Hough, so she totes her supplies around in Sephora Collection's Clear Bag ($9). "I like clear bags so I can see what I have." When it comes to makeup brushes Hough has one prerequisite: "I hate brushes that are itchy!" Her solution? Japonesque. "Their brushes feel so soft when I apply my makeup," says Hough. For a range of sizes try Japonesque's Silhouette Brush Set ($46).
  • Skincare 101
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    It's hard to believe that Hough is a face of Proactiv; the actress' skin always looks perfect to us. To keep her face camera-ready, she joins a slew of tastemakers who swear by La Mer's Moisturizing Soft Cream ($150): "It makes my skin feel soft and look radiant." Once her moisturizer soaks in she gets serious about sunscreen. "It's so important to protect your skin!" she says. "And Obagi's Nu-Derm Sun Shield SPF 50 ($46) really works."

  • The Skin-ny
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    Hough starts her makeup routine with Josie Maran's Argan Matchmaker Serum Foundation ($42)--the light formula looks white but changes to match the color of your skin. "This foundation looks just like my natural skin tone," Hough says. Next up is her go-to cover-up, Lancome's Maquicomplet Concealer ($30). "I love this concealer because it doesn't cake up and always looks natural," she says. To set her makeup Hough reaches for T. LeClerc's Pressed Powder ($50) for a "beautiful, long-lasting finish."
  • Brow Power
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    Even though Hough is a blonde she keeps her arches a shade darker. Her secret for a natural look? "Votre Vu Arch De Triumphe is a great eyebrow enhancer," she says.

  • Signature Scent
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    Hough says her favorite fragrance is Flora By Gucci ($52), a blend of rose, peony, and sandalwood: "I love the smell! It's something I can wear any time."

  • Defining Eyes
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    When it comes to eye makeup, Hough keeps it basic: she prefers M.A.C.'s Eye Pencils ($16) and Buxom's Buxom Lash Mascara ($19). "The pencils go on so smoothly, and the bigger my lashes, the better!" she says.

  • Glow Time
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    Hough keeps Benefit's Hoola Bronzer ($28) on hand to fake a summer glow. "It gives me a natural tan," she says. For a perfect flush she uses Smashbox's Blush Rush (424) in Chiffon. "The peachy-pink is such a beautiful color--and so in right now."

  • Julianne's Favorite Lip Colors
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    Hough may stay loyal to her mascara and perfume, but she likes to switch it up on her pout. "Merle Norman's Lip Polish ($15) in Mademoiselle gives me that little pop of color and Nars' Velvet Gloss Lip Pencils ($25) are great; I love the colors Hopi and Buenos Aires," she says. For an all-day stain the actress reaches for NYC's Smooch Proof Lip Stain ($5) because there are so many amazing colors, she says. "And I love Stila's Lip Liner ($18) in Charming, it blends really nicely."

  • Shadow Game
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    Hough favors neutral eye shadows, like Urban Decay's Naked Palette ($50), because "the colors can give you an edgy look or a natural one."

**The Safe Haven Star Lets Us Peek Into Her Makeup Bag** Actress, dancer, singer--Julianne Hough is a triple threat who's been sitting in a professional makeup chair since she was a preteen. So when the Safe Haven star says she can't live without something, we listen. From Dancing with the Stars to her latest tearjerker with Josh Duhamel, she's collected a laundry list of go-to products.

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