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What's in her Bag: Rita Ora

The pop star reveals her favorite red lipstick, her go-to eyeliner, and much more in our slideshow.
  • What's in her Bag: Rita Ora
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  • Concealer
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    “A little goes a long way,” Ora says of her number one must-have, Chanel’s Correcteur Perfection Long Lasting Concealer ($40). “It blends so well.”

  • Lipstick
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    “I love red lipstick and this is the most perfect combination a glamour girl could want,” Ora says of M.A.C. Lipstick ($15) in Ruby Woo and Lip Liner ($15) in Cherry. Aside from being the winning shade of red, Ora loves its lasting power: “It stays put on stage and on red carpets,” she says.

  • Foundation
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    She might like a bold lip, but there’s one place Ora favors a gentle hand: her face. “I love Bobbi Brown’s foundation because it feels so light on my skin that I never even know it’s there,” she says of the brand’s Luminous Moisturizing Foundation ($47). “And it matches my skin tone so well.”

  • Brushes
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    When she’s doing her own makeup, Ora uses Tom Ford’s makeup brushes: “They’re crazy chic and super soft.”

    From left to right, Tom Ford’s Cheek Brush ($75), Eyeshadow Brush ($55), and the Eyeliner and Definer Brush ($50).

  • Fragrance
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    If Ora’s wearing fragrance, it’s Chanel’s sweet-smelling Chance ($55). “It makes me feel refreshed every time I spray it,” she says.

  • Eye Shadow and Blush
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    Eye Shadow and Blush

    If you’ve ever seen a picture of Ora, you know a red lip is her must-have accessory. If she does play up her eyes, it’s usually with liquid liner. So when she brushes shadow across her lids, it needs to be low-key. “The range of neutrals RMK offers gives me lots of options for soft color.” She favors the Japanese brand’s cream blush, too. “I just dab the smallest bit of this on my cheeks for a natural perk-up.”

  • Bronzer
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    If anyone needs a good bronzer, it’s a Brit who travels the world. Ora always packs Bobbi Brown’s Shimmer Brick ($42) in Bronze. “This gives me a just-been-in-the-sun glow even when I’ve been touring for so long that I haven’t seen the sun in ages!”

  • Lip Stain
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    Lip Stain

    For the color without the staying power, Ora turns to Sephora’s Cream Lip Stain ($12) in Always Red. “I throw this on when I’m not performing, really anytime I’m just hanging out,” she says.

  • Brows
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    Ora loves her eyebrows—calling them her “standout feature”—so she tends to them on a daily basis. She says L’Oreal’s Brow Stylist Custom Brow Shaping Pencil ($9) in Black Brown makes them “stand out even more, it’s the coolest product for defined brows.”

  • Eyeliner
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    Nothing matches a red lip like a retro cat eye. Ora likes M.A.C.’s Penultimate Eye Liner ($20) in Black to paint hers on. “M.A.C.’s goes on smoothly and never fades,” she says.

When Jay-Z signs you to Roc Nation, you need more than a good voice. Luckily, Rita Ora, the British singer/songwriter he plucked from relative obscurity in 2009, has style in spades. The platinum blonde’s regularly seen gallivanting about with her best friend, model Cara Delevingne, everywhere from Paris’ front rows to downtown NYC. Her red lip, however, stays put.

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